There's more to this purple ice cream than meets the eye

[Photo: Soft Swerve NYC/Instagram]
[Photo: Soft Swerve NYC/Instagram]

Say hello to the first Instagram food trend of 2017: Ube ice cream.

You may be thinking, ‘hang on a minute that just looks like a purple Mr Whippy’. But how wrong you are. The pleasing purple colour may have been the first thing that caught our attention, but just wait until you hear about the flavour.

Lavender? Liquorish? No, it actually tastes of yams, A.K.A a potato. Yes, really.

The flavour is a well-known delicacy in the Philippines, who use purple yams in a variety of desserts. However, to our Ben & Jerry’s acquired taste buds we may be finding the unique flavour slightly strange.

This hasn’t stopped the ice cream becoming very popular on social media. Soft Swerve NYC in New York seems to be a pro at making the sweet treat even more Instagrammable (and edible) by adding fruity pebbles and other sassy sprinkles.

If anything we’d try one just for the Instagram picture…

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