Why the "Ghost Layers" haircut trend is becoming a go-to for those with fine hair

ghost layers haircut trend
Why "Ghost Layers" are the 'it' haircut right now Getty Images

"Ghosting" may be a term we've all come to loathe (thanks, dating apps), but we're here to report that the newest 'it' haircut is here to try and redeem the ghost name. By that I mean, the rise of the "ghost layers" haircut trend, and they're anything but spooky. Actually, they're a saviour for those with finer hair eager for a bit of oomph to their roots.

You may have seen ghost layers rise to fame on TikTok and Instagram, but the celebs have been getting on board with this particular trend too. You might not have immediately noticed due to their subtly, but Dua Lipa and JLo appear to be big fans of the seamless layers.

If that wasn't enough to have you opting in at your next hair appointment, we asked the experts for their take on ghost layers and what hair types they suit best.

Spoiler: those with fine hair are gunna love 'em.

What are ghost layers?

They may sound like a strictly Autumnal activity, but ghost layers are meant for life, not just for Halloween.

As hairstylist and founder of Percy & Reed, Paul Percival, explains: "Ghost layers are basically layers in a haircut that you can't actually see".

Sounds good so far, right?

"The way they create them is by lifting normal sections and then weaving rather than one hard line. And then you can actually twist that section and slide the scissor through, or chop into the weave section, but it's basically a way of creating a look of a haircut that looks like is one thing, but it actually has ghost layers".

This in turn, gives the hair the look of added thickness and movement, without needed to sacrifice your precious inches to do so. It's literally the best of both worlds.

Ghost layers are also ideal because they blend seamlessly in with your longer lengths and voids the blunter-looking layers we're normally used to seeing.

Why are ghost layers good for fine hair?

If you're a member of the fine hair club, you'll know that hacking away at your hair for choppy layers isn't always the best practise.

While those blessed with thicker strands can pretty much do whatever they please, those with fine hair may find their 'do looking more jelly fish than thick mermaid waves. AKA, not what we're after.

Ghost layers on the other-hand, will provide the body that ordinary layers are supposed to provide, without leaving your ends looking too sparse.

"Ghost layers will help create movement and volume without the look of layers some people may want to avoid," says Paul.

"They're definitely a great idea for thin hair to help add volume, but they can be good for thick hair too, because you can remove weight doing this. But for me, I think that they work best with thinner hair because it's just a way of taking weight out without actually leaving any definite lines in the haircut".

The invisibility of the layers also mean they're not going to be high maintenance when it comes to upkeep either, as they'll grow out subtly. As opposed to the standard layers, which require you to go through that awkward regrowth stage.

To make the most of your ghost layers, Paul recommends adding a texturising product to the roots to really get the benefits.

"I recommend using the Percy & Reed Turn Up The Volume Volumising Mousse, £14.90, to help create bounce, the key is to get it all the way to the root as that is where you want the hold. The most common thing people get wrong is just running product through their hair, not in the roots," says Paul.

Why are ghost layers so popular?

If the above wasn't enough to convince you, the good news is that ghost layers can work with any hair colour and cut.

"In theory, you can do ghost layers on any haircut, like a bob or any hard-lined haircut, however in this type of hair cut, less ghost layers would work better as otherwise it can look too intense," advices Paul.

As with everything on social media, this layer effect may not be brand new, but they hype surrounding it on social media has definitely brought ghost layers to the surface.

Even Paul has seen an uptake of the trendy layers in his salon: "As more people have become aware of ghost layers, there are more people asking for it.

“Hairdressers in general have become more aware of techniques like this, so they’re also offering this to more clients. As the awareness goes up about this technique, the more people will start to have it done, because it definitely is very useful when it comes to taking weight away from hair, without actually leaving any visible layers".

BRB, just running to the hairdressers.

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