This is why you should always shake your foundation before use

Photo credit: Reddit/Shoreline85
Photo credit: Reddit/Shoreline85

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I'm sure I'm not the only who completely ignores the 'shake before using' instructions on their makeup, specifically my foundation bottle.

My method of application is to just get it on my face as quickly as possible, but one Reddit user has made me think twice about ignoring those instructions in future.

Redditor Shortline85 started a thread about the importance of shaking your foundation bottle after she noticed a huge difference in the appearance of her base when she did just that.

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After noticing her favourite Smashbox foundation was looking a bit orange on her skin, she decided to give it a good shake.

"I decided to shake the hell out of it and saw streaks of various colours, namely white and orange. I shook it for a long time and applied it. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I saw a huge difference."

In the before and after pictures it's clear that shaking the foundation completely changed the overall tone and matched her skin way better than before.

Other Reddit users were quick to comment that they had noticed similar results when they shook their foundation bottles.

"I have the Fenty foundation and I love it. It says to shake before use on the bottle. One morning I was running late and didn't shake it too much, looked in the car mirror later that day ( the mirror of truth am I right?) and was horrified. I was orange! But I wore Fenty so many times so I knew it wasn't right. The next day I shook the hell out of it and checked again, no Oompa Loompa for me!"

It makes total sense because depending on how your foundation is stored the pigments are going to settle which will affect the overall colour of your base. Also the oils in foundation can cause separation, so really both me and you should be getting our cocktail shake on before every application.

That's me told.

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