Why Africa is a special place for William and Harry

Africa is a special place for Prince William and Prince Harry. Botswana was the first place they went to after their mother's death in 1997, to mourn in private. Harry has visited several times and had his third date with Meghan Markle in Botswana. William also spent time in Africa during his gap year in 2000 and proposed to long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in Kenya Royal commentator Omid Scobie tells Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box': "For Harry it [Africa] was a place that, really shortly after his mother’s death, it was the first place he could actually go and feel he could mourn in private and feel left alone and not feel like a member of the Royal Family, he felt like just Harry. "I think he’s really found himself over the years and also been able to experience really special moments in his life in Africa. We know that Harry and Meghan spent a lot of time there, on their third date, they spent six or seven nights there under the stars." The Sun's former royal editor Duncan Larcombe says: "Botswana, in particular, has been this sort of vow for Harry. "When he was a 12-year-old, that was the first country that he went and had some private time after his mother’s death. But equally, one of the other real lows in Harry’s life was when he was dragged out of Afghanistan because that fact that his secret deployment had hit the papers, meant he had to come home. "He was absolutely furious. Where did he go? With Chelsy [Davy], straight to Botswana. "It’s where he goes when there’s steam coming out of his ears to calm down and of course now, taking Meghan there, it’s a very, very special place for Harry. "Let’s look at the pattern here. Where do the royals go? They go to places where they can be anonymous and that’s as close as they can be to being normal."