Whole Grain Mustard Gives Your Deviled Eggs A Textural Upgrade

Close up of deviled eggs on tray
Close up of deviled eggs on tray - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Those deviled eggs that typically make their way to dining tables and buffets for holidays and family gatherings are delicious bites of creaminess and tanginess — but the side dish can be a bit boring. You can easily upgrade deviled eggs with a variety of ingredients like horseradish and even truffles if you feel fancy. Or simply swap the yellow mustard with whole grain mustard to boost both the texture and flavor of your next batch of deviled eggs.

Whole grain mustard offers a thick, grainy texture because it hasn't been ground to the extent of other varieties of the condiment. The remaining grains, hence the name, are what offer that textural upgrade — but they also enhance the flavor. Expect these upgraded deviled eggs to pack a punch because whole grain mustard is hotter than the yellow mustard in your fridge.

It still contains vinegar for a touch of acidity and other ingredients that are found in most mustards like salt and water. And, it's one of the many types of popular mustard that is typically used on sandwiches and salad vinaigrettes.

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A Little Whole Grain Mustard Goes A Long Way For Upgraded Deviled Eggs

A spoon and bowl of whole grain mustard
A spoon and bowl of whole grain mustard - New Africa/Shutterstock

Because whole grain mustard is on the spicier side, you don't want to add too much to the deviled egg mixture. For every 6 eggs, which makes 12 halves, 1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard is sufficient. As always, add more to taste as you go before you fill the deviled eggs. To temper the spice and texture of whole grain mustard, combine it with another type of mustard. Go with yellow mustard to keep it classic or add Dijon mustard to add more of a kick without that extra grainy texture. Or, use equal parts of each mustard variety for a balance of flavors.

Why stop with whole grain mustard with the upgraded deviled eggs? Add bacon pieces for more crunch in the mixture, add a dash of your favorite hot sauce to compliment the heat in the whole grain mustard, and consider a garnish of fresh chives or parsley for a final herby touch. Try this upgrade with Tasting Table's easy deviled eggs recipe and swap the Dijon with whole grain mustard. There's also this more traditional deviled eggs recipe with sugar and hot sauce we adapted from Vivian Howard to give a boost with whole grain mustard.

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