Who is Tiggy Pettifer, the mother figure in Harry's life?

As the person who once called Princes William and Harry ‘my babies’, it is no surprise that Tiggy Pettifer is among names of those who could be Archie’s godparents.

The princes’ former nanny was pictured arriving at the Royal christening, leading to speculation that she is one of the so-far unnamed godparents.

But who is the lady who has taken up the role of mother figure in Harry’s life?

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Former royal nanny Tiggy Pettifer has been speculated as one of Archie's godparents (Picture: Matthew Polak/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)

Now 54, Tiggy Pettifer was born Alexandra Legge-Bourke, daughter of William Legge-Bourke, former Deputy Lieutenant of Powys.

She grew up on the Glanusk Estate in Powys, Wales and was educated at Heathfield School in Ascot before attending Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland, the finishing school that was also attended by Princess Diana.

She was appointed the royal nanny in 1993 after Charles split from Diana, supporting William and Harry through the toughest time of their lives, including their mother’s death in 1997.

Tiggy was appointed Royal nanny following Charles' split from Diana (Picture: Tim Ockenden - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

She often went on holidays with the princes and William reportedly once asked her to come to an event at Eton in place of his parents.

Tiggy left her royal role in 1999 when she married former British army officer Charles Pettifer and lives on the Glanusk Estate.

She has stayed close to the princes and Harry apparently introduced her to Meghan when the couple started dating, taking his wife-to-be to meet Tiggy during the trip the couple made to Cardiff.

The former nanny was also invited to the couple’s wedding in May last year.

Tiggy often took William and Harry on holidays abroad (Picture: Tim Ockenden - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box’, Royal correspondent Victoria Murphy said Tiggy’s presence at Archie’s christening could suggest she is a godparent but she equally have just been a guest.

She said: “She is still very involved in William and Harry’s lives. She was a huge part of their upbringing obviously and she is very close to them and remains close to them so it was always very likely that she would have been invited anyway even if she wasn’t a godparent. So while it could be a clue it could also not be a clue.

“But we certainly know that she’s a very important figure and for that reason will probably remain an important figure for Archie as well.”

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Tiggy and Harry watch Prince Charles in the Beaufort Hunt in March 1997 in Malmesbury. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

Royal commentator Omid Scobie added: “For William and Harry having people who are constant presences in their life is quite rare and Tiggy has been there really through everything.

“When Harry got engaged to Meghan she was one of the first close people in his circle to congratulate them and meet Meghan in person. It was just when they visited Cardiff I think later on in that trip that he took her to meet Tiggy.

“Both of the boys have really close relationships with her, as do their children. All of the Cambridge children know Tiggy - she is a familiar face so it was really nice to see her at the christening.”