Nothing will ever split William and Harry, says Paul Burrell

Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell says nothing will come between royal brothers William and Harry.

There has been ongoing speculation of tension between the pair in recent months, as well as their wives.

Burrell, who worked for Diana for a decade, says: "I think the press would rather concentrate on a rift between Meghan and Kate because that’s far more sexy to have a cat fight between royal duchesses.

"I think perhaps William has taken his brother to one side at times and said ‘are you sure?’ Everyone was concerned about Harry because Harry was the one next to get married so I’m sure William has been watching over him all these years.

"I don’t think that anything will ever split those boys, I think their mother’s death cemented them together forever. Until their mother’s death, they were very individual boys, now I think they are very close.

"Of course Harry always wanted a family, now he has one, there’s every reason to think the two families will come together."