What Meghan and Beyoncé really spoke about at yesterday's Lion King premiere

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Lion King premiere last night [Photo: Getty]

It was the moment every royal fan was waiting for, as British royalty met the Queen of everything when the Duchess of Sussex was finally photographed with Beyoncé at the UK premiere of ‘The Lion King’.

The star-strewn event at Leicester Square marked the power pair’s first public event together alongside their husbands, Prince Harry and Jay-Z.

And while everyone was desperate to find out what Queen Bey and the duchess would talk about, it turns out they’re pretty much like any off-duty parents who can’t help but discuss their children.

According the Daily Mail's royal correspondent Rebecca English, when the two couples finally came together, chatter quickly turned to their respective offspring.

Meghan and Beyonce shared a warm embrace at the meeting [Photo: Getty]

As Meghan and Harry met the cast and crew ahead of the film’s screening, Beyoncé waited patiently for the duchess to head over, before the duo shared a warm embrace.

According to royal reporter Emily Andrews, Beyonce greeted Meghan as “my princess” with the friendly hug suggesting “they’ve all met before”.

With Jay-Z looking on proudly as the Queens chatted, Beyoncé could be heard congratulating Meghan about the birth of their newborn son, Archie Harrison.

"The baby, so beautiful," Beyoncé said, "We love you guys,” Beyoncé could be heard replying before Harry joined the trio, embracing Beyoncé and shaking Jay’s hand.

According to English who captured the special moment the power couples came together, Harry went on to ask after their children: “And how are the twins?”

Beyoncé was reported to have replied: “They are not here. They don’t come on every trip. We left them at home. They would loved to have been here.”

The power couples swapped parenting tips [Photo: Getty]

As mum and dad to three children, Jay-Z went on to pass on some advice for the new parents who are just a couple of months into parenthood. “The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself,” he said.

Turns out even global superstars and royalty can’t resist chatting about their kids on a night off either.

After wrapping up their kid-focussed convo, English also reported that Beyoncé said Meghan and Harry are "sooo sweet" when asked about their chat.

Unsurprisingly, fans from around the world were left thrilled by the meeting of the couples.

“Yes, I’m screaming at the computer. Beyoncé and Meghan hugging, look at our queens embracing one and other!,” one tweeted.

The Carters have already indicated they are fans of the royal couple. Earlier this year, they paid tribute to the duchess when they remotely accepted the award for Best International Group at the BRIT Awards.

In the Instagram photo, the couple were seen in front of a Mona Lisa-style portrait of Meghan.

"In honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas," the caption read. "Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy."

Unsurprisingly, fans from around the world w“Yes, I’m screaming at the computer. Beyoncé and Meghan hugging, look at our queens embracing one and other!,” one tweeted.