What energy drinks do to your body

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Red Bull, Monster, Red Rooster – whatever energy drink it is you prefer, one thing’s for sure: they do a lot to our bodies to make us that energised.

And according to an infographic by personalised gifts, it does very specific things at specific times.

Ten minutes after drinking a can, for example, your heart rate and blood pressure begins to rise while all of the caffeine is fully absorbed 30-50 minutes after drinking it.

Energy drink infographic
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And it takes most people 12 hours to fully remove caffeine from their bloodstream.

If you’re a regular energy drink guzzler, you’ve probably been building up a tolerance too – it takes seven to 12 days to become so and feel the effects less as a result.

And those who are tolerant will tend to feel withdrawal symptoms 12-24 hours after their last dose including headaches, irritability and constipation.

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The infographic, which uses resources from the NHS, LiveStrong, Starbucks and the FDA, found that your body will start to experience a sugar crash – as well as the effects of the caffeine dying down – an hour after the drink when you’ll start to feel more tired again.

If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s to drink such beverages in moderation as not only do they have lots of caffeine but often loads of sugar too.

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