Why are Butter Boards taking TikTok by storm?

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Board with butter on it. (Getty Images)
Have you heard of Butter Boards? (Getty Images)

Butter Boards are the latest foodie trend to take TikTok by storm, with the hashtag gaining more than 78 million views so far.

But what exactly are they and why have they blown up so much?

It started when cook and influencer Justine Doiron, aka @justine_snacks, shared a video of herself making what can only be described as a heavenly mouthwatering mess, with her voiceover opening, "Have you heard of a Butter Board?"

But there's more method to the madness than you might think. Much like the process of making a cheese or meat board, she takes us through each simple step for the snack (or meal) we never knew we needed.

Replacing slices of gouda and cured meats with butter, she literally spreads it on a board and seasons it with salt, lemon, edible flowers, honey coriander and pairs the concoction with warm bread.

"This is what one looks like, and I want to make them the next charcuterie board," she adds, crediting the original concept to author and chef Joshua McFadden, which is something intended to be shared.

Also posting the video on Instagram, her followers commented, "This has actually changed my life", "OBSESSED! N charcuterie approved!", and "for the next dinner party!! Love this idea".

And ever since, others on social media have been attempting their own spin on the new trend, using everything from harissa-infused butter to peanut butter...

Watch: How to make a butter board

How to make a Butter Board

All you need is a clean bread or cheese board, some softened butter and whatever type of seasoning and 'toppings' you fancy. Spread the butter much like a piece of toast, lathering it near the edges of the board, and you're ready to make it your own.

In Doiron's accompanying blog, she recommends always sprinkling the butter with a layer of flaky salt and citrus zest. Then, add the herbs and extra ingredients of your choice (they can be sweet or salty, as long as they go together and can be cut into bite-size pieces). Now for the best part – mop up with bread.

Essentially, instead of scoffing a baked camembert with some baguette, you're doing the same with butter, and without having to cook anything (unless your selected toppings require it beforehand, of course).

And with other followers over on TikTok questioning how hygienic the creation is following COVID-19, and expressing fears of "double dippers", Doiron points out it doesn't have to be eaten with hands.

"I was not expecting this to blow up but YOU CAN USE A KNIFE JUST LIKE A CHEESEBOARD CALM YOURSELVES Ok," she wrote candidly on the platform.

Savoury Butter Boards

Probably the most popular option, there's a lot you can do with savoury Butter Boards, catering to your favourite tastes and flavours (or your guests').

Tasty UK's food producer 'Lirim' made his own version by smearing salted butter on the board, adding a second butter infused with harissa, rose petals and garlic, blending them together with the back of a spoon, and adding garlic-soaked anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes, a chilli and tomato relish, a zest of one lime and some fresh cress.

"All that's left to do is add any sourdough or crackers of your choosing and spread that delicious butter all over. Enjoy," he says in the video shared by the popular food network.

Other topping combinations recommended by Doiron include honey coriander, cilantro and chiles, roasted garlic and rosemary and figs and mint. And whether you're a fan of sourdough, focaccia, rye bread, or just want to use up whatever you have in your cupboard, you can either place the bread ready or eat on a corner of the board or on a separate side plate.

Sweet Butter Boards

Sweet Butter Boards seem to be the more 'experimental' out of the two. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, you decide...

Think honey butter with added maple syrup, peanut butter with an array of berries, buttercream with sprinkles and chocolate and lots, lots more. For sweet boards, you might want to ditch the bread and replace it with some Oreos or biscuits. Too sickly?

Peanut butter on board. (Getty Images)
Get experimental with the ingredients you use for your Butter Board. (Getty Images)

How unhealthy is a Butter Board?

If you're using a whole block of butter, it's worth bearing in mind that the average one has around 80g of fat and more than 700 calories per 100g. And then if you're adding sweet toppings, rather than savoury, that's likely to add up even more.

However, Butter Boards are intended as sharing platters, for friends and family to dig into during a social occasion. So, if you're only having a few mouthfuls, it's unlikely to end up being that 'bad' for you overall.

What kind of Butter Board are you going to make?