Wells Adams 'feels' like he is already married to Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams credit:Bang Showbiz
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams credit:Bang Showbiz

Wells Adams “feels” like he is already married to fiancée Sarah Hyland.

The former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant has been engaged to the ‘Modern Family’ star, 31 since 2019 and would already have tied the knot if it wasn’t for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic delaying their big day.

The 37-year-old television personality told Us Weekly magazine: “We were doing the math and we’ve been engaged longer than we were dating. That’s not good, but it feels like we’re married. I mean, we bought a house together, we have two dogs together. At this point we just want to have the big celebration for all of our rich friends to give us amazing gifts because I need a Le Creuset, I need a stand mixer for all the things I’m going to cook, and we don’t have that yet. So the heads of ABC and Disney, we need you to get in that registry soon!”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alum joked that Sarah’s ex co-stars - such Ty Burrell, 54, and Julie Bowen, 51 , who played her on screen parents Phil and Claire Dunphy for nine seasons on the ABC sitcom- will bring better wedding presents that his pals from Bachelor Nation.

Wells said: “Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen, those are the people that are really gonna give the good gifts.”

The ‘Worst Cooks in America’ star also hoped that “third time’s a charm” as he and Sarah had already postponed their big day twice already.

Wells said: “Third time’s a charm. We had to postpone two years in a row because of this pandemic. So I think we’re hoping [this year it’s] going to happen. And I think I’ve told you this before, if it doesn’t, then we’re getting a limo and it’s some bad suits and we’re going to Vegas and we’re just knocking this thing out cause eventually, we need to get married.”