Is it weird to buy baby clothes if you don't have a baby? Iggy Azalea sure thinks so

Is it weird to buy baby clothes if you don’t have a baby? [Photo: Getty]
Is it weird to buy baby clothes if you don’t have a baby? [Photo: Getty]

The itsy bitsy shoes, the sweet little characters on the bum, those tiny weeny ickle jumpers. There’s no doubt baby clothes are darn cute. But usually the buying of said bits is reserved for present buyers and those who actually have a baby.

But there are some people who, despite not having a little one to buy for, can’t resist the lure of a fluffy bottomed babygrow. Just ask Iggy Azalea.

The 27-year-old recently outed a friend on Twitter for stockpiling baby clothes, despite not having a baby to put them on.

“I have a friend (I’ll save the embarrassment and not name names) who has no kids but buys baby clothing and shoes when we go shopping,” Azalea wrote. “She’s done this for years now.”

Azalea went on to follow up her truth revelation with an anecdote from one of their recent baby-buying shopping trips. Describing the non-existent child as a “ghost baby”, the singer explained that her friend was once asked by a shop worker what size baby she was purchasing for to which she replied “small.”

Unsurprisingly, the series of tweets quickly gained attention from Azalea’s more than 8 million followers, with many commenting about her friend’s strange habit.

“Um, I have a friend who does this too, it’s weird as hell and they’re not even cheap outfits, like sometimes top brands. I don’t get it,” one user wrote.

“That’s kinda depressing,” agreed another.

“What’s the point of buying those then if she won’t use it on a kid?” another confused user responded.

But not everyone thought buying for a baby you don’t yet have was a completely out-there idea.

“Well tbh, if you see something cute, might as well get it while it’s available,” one user wrote.

“Basically. I have no kids and have no desire for them but I find myself wanting to buy baby clothes JUST IN CASE when I find really cute shit,” another user commented.

“Could just be “wishful” thinking,” one tweeter wrote. “Something like buying a wedding dress with no plans to get married yet, maybe, right?”

Iggy Azalea has outed her friend on Twitter for buying baby clothes even though she’s not a mum [Photo: Getty]
Iggy Azalea has outed her friend on Twitter for buying baby clothes even though she’s not a mum [Photo: Getty]

That last tweeter has a point. It’s fair to say that many women have planned out their entire weddings, with some going as far as trying on dream wedding dresses, often without a whiff of an engagement ring in sight.

So is prepping for a potential future family any different? Is buying baby clothes for a baby you don’t yet have any different to lusting after engagement rings you don’t yet own?

If you know or even hope you’re going to have a child one day, is there really any harm in buying some baby bits in preparation? Or is that just plain weird?

Azalea’s story didn’t end with her outing her friend on social media as the singer later revealed that her friend had texted to say she’d spotted her tweets.

Thankfully she (or he) seems to have a good sense of humour about it as Azalea later shared a text message thread with her friend jokingly saying she could kill her but wouldn’t because she loved her.

Laughing face emoji!

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