The surprise impact a no deal Brexit could have on marriages

The surprise impact Brexit could have on marriages [Photo: Getty]
The surprise impact Brexit could have on marriages [Photo: Getty]

As if we’re not stressed enough about Brexit, now we’re being warned a no deal Brexit could ruin our marriages.

Experts are claiming rates of infidelity and adultery are set to soar in the case of a no deal. Great.

After the government’s shocking defeat on their Brexit deal, the UK could be hurtling towards crashing out of the EU with no deal, but new research by dating site shows that this will have a significant impact on cheating rates in the UK.

This week’s announcement that a ‘no deal’ Brexit is still on the table, could see affairs in the UK spike by as much as 35%.

According to statistics compiled over the 15 years that the dating site has been operating, periods of hard economic times typically see an increase in infidelity.

Experts say this is for a number of reasons, including the stresses of arguments over finances and the cost of divorce.

The research suggests that if the cost of living rises in the event of a no deal, so also might the number of extramarital affairs taking place across Britain.

As ending a marriage is not always financially viable, couples could instead start an affair rather than risk a costly divorce.

Financial pressures could also take their toll on relationships around the country, with partners seeking solace from the stress in someone else’s arms.

Could a no deal Brexit spark a rise in affairs? [Photo: Getty]
Could a no deal Brexit spark a rise in affairs? [Photo: Getty]

Commenting on the findings spokesperson for the site Christian Grant explains: “The only certainty around this shambolic Brexit affair, is that the number of people having affairs is going to go up. Significantly.

“One of the leading causes of tension in a marriage is financial pressure, when the tension gets too much a lot of people find themselves stepping out of the boundaries of their marriage and into the arms of a more sympathetic lover.”

The news comes as it was revealed that January is the most popular month of the year for people to file for divorce, with 7 January proving the most popular ‘D-day’.

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