Social media is loving this weather presenter's response to a body-shaming troll

Weather presenter Tracy Hinson has been praised for her handling of a body-shamer [Photo: Getty]
Weather presenter Tracy Hinson has been praised for her handling of a body-shamer [Photo: Getty]

A meteorologist has hit back at a body-shaming troll in the best way possible.

Tracy Hinson, delivers the latest weather updates for KSDK News in the US, and is far more concerned with sharing her knowledge than how she looks while she does it.

But the weather presenter found herself having to hit back at a body shamer who felt the need to advise her she should be covering her stomach “bulge” while she’s on-air.

At the time, Hinson was wearing a body-skimming, full-length red dress, which the troll decided was unflattering and decided to contact the presenter directly to tell her. Jeez!

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“Do you ever watch yourself giving the weather report? Seems that you need a girdle for the stomach overhang which shortens the front of your dresses!” the person wrote.

“Today was not the first time I have noticed this. Maybe you should wear a top that covers the bulge in your stomach.”

Thankfully, Hinson was well able to deal with the shamer and responded politely, yet firmly to say she was perfectly happy with her body thanks very much.

“Dear Mary, yes I do watch my air checks,” she wrote. “NO I will not be strapping myself into a girdle because you don’t like my belly. I like pasta, bread and cheese too much to obsess over my weight. I like my body and that’s all that really matters. #nomorefatshaming”

Sharing her response to her various social media channels, Hinson was inundated with messages of support from others applauding the way she handled the situation.

“This person must really be hurting inside if they felt the need to take their insecurities out on you. Eat ur carbs, they are you’re [sic] best friend,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I cannot believe some people. Unreal that you have to deal with this,” another agreed.

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The outpouring of support for her post, prompted Hinson to head back online to thank her followers for having her back.

“Grateful and completely touched by the support I’ve gotten from my friends at KSDK News and total strangers who wrote me with words of encouragement,” she said.

And just to prove the troll hadn’t impacted her love of carbs, the presenter headed back online to poke fun at the shamer’s message to share an image of her Mac and Cheese dinner.

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Celebrities and others in the public eye have long felt the pressure to keep up with, often unattainable, standards of beauty.

While often this body criticism is aimed at women, men are not immune from the shamers.

Earlier this year Jason Momoa found himself in the receiving end of body-shaming trolls after pictures of him emerged on holiday.

Naturally, strangers on the Internet had some opinions about the actor’s appearance that they felt the need to voice with one asking: "what happened to the abs?" and another claiming the star had a "dad bod."

But the ‘Aquaman’ stars fans were quick to rush to his defence, with many taking to Twitter to call out the shamers.