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We tried Lululemon's trending belt bag — here's what three editors fit inside

The Lululemon Everywhere bag has nearly 20,000 perfect ratings. Does it live up to the hype? Our shopping experts put it to the test.

Three women using the Lululemon belt bag
Our trio of shopping experts puts Lululemon's most popular accessory to the test, packing in our wallets, keys, Shout wipes and even a mini water bottle. (Izabella Zaydenberg/Rory Halperin/Amanda Garrity/Yahoo)

ICYMI, the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is, well, everywhere these days. You'd be hard-pressed to walk around your local park, run errands or travel this summer without seeing multiple people sporting the internet-famous accessory. And understandably so: The bag is cute, comfy, easy to wear and fits all of the essentials and then some. It's no wonder it's racked up nearly 20,000 five-star reviews at Lululemon, millions of views on TikTok and has won over famous fans such as Kristen Bell.

The cult-fave can be worn in multiple ways (crossbody, slung on your shoulder or fanny-pack-style), comes in 15 colors (black to bright green) and offers plenty of inside pockets (one large, two small) to keep things organized. If you're looking for a do-it-all, go-anywhere bag, this is it. Below, three shopping editors (including myself) share our honest thoughts about using the Lululemon belt bag and reveal what we keep inside. Spoiler alert: If you don't have one in your arsenal yet, you will by the time you finish reading.

This year, it's still all about the belt bag! The Lululemon darling can be worn around your waist, across your body or over your shoulder — it's easily adjustable.

$38 at Lululemon
Amanda wearing the Lululemon Belt Bag at Epcot; an aerial shot of her open Lululemon bag, revealing contents
Amanda's brought her bag on several vacations. Here she is wearing it at Epcot! (Amanda Garrity/Yahoo)

First impressions: "I try to carry as little as possible, especially when running errands around the city. This bag fits everything I need — my wallet, AirPods, keys, sunglasses and more — but doesn't weigh me down or dig into my shoulders like other crossbody or shoulder bags. I've also worn it on light hikes and long walks — it allows me to easily reach for my phone when I want to snap a picture or grab my lip balm when I need a refresh. It's the perfect complement to my athleisure looks (which, I wear pretty much daily, TBH)."

How much (and what) can you fit inside the bag? "I tend to be more minimalistic, so I doubt I've even pushed this bag to its limits. On an average day, I carry my wallet, keys, AirPods, sunglasses, lip balm, hand sanitizer and miscellaneous must-haves. Sometimes, I've thrown in my portable phone charger. The only downside I can think of is that it doesn't fit my Kindle." (If you're looking for something that will fit a book or your Kindle Paperwhite, Lululemon just launched the Everywhere Crossbody Bag — it's bigger than the belt bag but with the same look and feel.)

Lululemon Belt Bag with products you can fit inside
You'll be amazed by how much you can fit inside. (Amanda Garrity/Yahoo)

When do you use it? "I reach for it when I'm going on walks, running errands, going to concerts (hands-free dancing, FTW!) or heading to a workout class. I've brought it on several vacations — from Disney World to Old San Juan — since I can keep all my items close to my chest."

Any cons? "It's a black hole of a bag, especially if you go with a darker color like I did (a rookie mistake). The interior mesh pockets are great for keeping things organized, but since they don't have zippers, items can easily fall out of the pockets and end up in the dark abyss."

Would you recommend it? "1,000%. I've gotten so much use out of this bag and at $38, it's such a steal. In fact, I'm tempted to pick up one of the lighter, brighter colors to carry me through summer!"

Izabella wears the Lululemon belt bag; an aerial shot of her open Lululemon bag, revealing contents
Izabella is an OG fan of the Lululemon fave — she's been using it for years. (Izabella Zaydenberg/Yahoo)

First impressions: "Aside from how surprisingly roomy it is, I love how lightweight it is — I always forget I have it on! The strap is also wide enough to comfortably fit around my torso when I wear it as a crossbody."

How much (and what) can you fit inside the bag? "Aside from the essentials (like my credit card, ID, phone and keys), it can easily house a small bottle of sanitizer, my travel-size perfume, whatever lip product I’m wearing that day, AirPod Pros, some eye drops and some Advil. It also fits my National Parks Passport, which I carry just about everywhere with me. It’s like a mini Mary Poppins bag."

Lululemon Belt Bag with products you can fit inside
"I love it so much, I now have it in multiple colors!" said Izabella about the accessory. (Izabella Zaydenberg/Yahoo)

When do you use it? "I wore it all through my trip to Disneyland last year, plus I reach for it any time I go to a concert, theme park or to see my beloved Phillies play. I’ve also been hiking lately and this little bag has been with me through every trek. It’s usually the first thing I pack when I travel too. No wonder it’s called the Everywhere Bag — I really do take mine pretty much anywhere I go!"

Any cons? "I find that I have to keep readjusting it; sometimes the bag snakes its way to my hip or past my shoulder. It can also be a little snug if you're wearing it over layers of clothing."

Would you recommend it? "I've been singing this bag's praises for years; I love it so much, I now have it in multiple colors! It’s versatile, sturdy and roomy — perfect for whatever adventuring I plan on doing this summer and beyond."

Rory wears the Lululemon belt bag; inside view of Lululemon belt bag
As for me, I've traded in my trusty dark-colored Everywhere bag for this light pink version for the summer. (Rory Halperin/Yahoo)

First impressions: "To be honest, I was hesitant to buy the belt bag at first — I wasn't sure I needed it or how it would look on my body type. But, boy was I wrong. Within days, I was wearing it everywhere and putting other bags to the back of my closet."

How much (and what) can you fit inside the bag? "I'm always amazed by how much I can stuff inside. On top of the must-haves (wallet and keys), I manage to get in hand sanitizer, moisturizer, chapstick, gum, AirPods, a mini brush and even a tiny bottle of water, which I always like to carry with me. I've also been known to fit in a small reusable shopping bag in case I want to pick up a few things while I'm out and about. And my cell phone fits perfectly in the larger mesh pocket."

Lululemon Belt Bag with products you can fit inside
This little wonder is so spacious it even fits a small water bottle. (Rory Halperin/Yahoo)

When do you use it? "I originally bought the belt bag solely to use on my daily walks around the park. I wanted to be hands-free while exercising but still have the essentials with me. Quickly, though, I realized that the bag came in handy in so many other instances. Since it's so lightweight, it's great for grocery shopping, running errands or grabbing brunch. I've also worn it while attending crowded concerts and sightseeing on vacation — that way, I can keep all of my items close to my chest and not worry about losing them."

Any cons? "Be careful when opening the zipper. Depending on how the bag is situated on your body, I've accidentally dropped some stuff on the floor. It can also get a bit tight if you're putting it over a sweatshirt or sweater."

Would you recommend it? "An easy yes! Until I met the Lulemon belt bag, I thought the perfect travel or fitness bag didn't exist. It does. I love that I can carry it multiple ways, depending on my mood, where I'm going and what I'm wearing. It's also a fun fashion accessory. I already had it in black, but I bought the pink version for summer. I even purchased the bag for a friend and she loves it too."

The popular bag comes in 15 hues, including fun pastel shades for summer — think light blue, pink, yellow and peach. New colors have been known to sell out, so if you see one you like, don't hesitate to buy it.

$38 at Lululemon