Waterstones launches huge online clearance sale, where books start at just 50p

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The best books to buy in the Waterstones sale. (Getty Images)
The best books to buy in the Waterstones sale. (Getty Images)

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Though we might not be able to get very far from home in reality, books invite us into a limitless number of worlds, ideas and adventures.

There’s something exciting about curling up in your favourite chair and feeling your mind be transported somewhere else, or being expanded with new knowledge from a non-fiction book.

And yes, Kindles are brilliant if you’re going on holiday and can’t pack the six novels you’ll probably get through, but there’s something romantic about the scent of a real book and a real joy in turning page after page as the plot ploughs on.

The only thing is that the cost of books can rack up pretty quickly and, though they’re definitely a worthwhile investment, we are always on the lookout for deals to make our spines (book spines that is) tingle.

Which is exactly why we were so excited about the mega Waterstones clearance sale, where books start at just 50p and there really is something for everyone.

So, to help you sort through the digital bargain bin, we’ve picked out the eight books that we can’t wait to read ourselves or come highly recommended by others.

And, if you spend over £20 you get free delivery - so dig in.

8 books to buy in the Waterstones clearance sale

The Girl Who Wasn't There | Was £8.99, Now £3

The new thriller from the acclaimed author of The Collini Case, this novel is dark, ingenious and irresistibly gripping.

Sebastian von Eschburg, survived his disastrous childhood to become a celebrated yet controversial artist. He casts a provocative shadow over the Berlin scene with his disturbing photographs.

But when Sebastian is accused of murdering a young woman and the police investigation takes a sinister turn, seasoned lawyer Konrad Biegler agrees to represent him - and hopes to help himself in the process. But Biegler soon learns that nothing about the case, or the suspect, is what it appears.

The Kitchen Shelf by Rosie Reynolds and Eve O'Sullivan | Was £24.95, Now £10

From a handful of ingredients from your kitchen shelf and a couple of fresh ones from the store, you can create 100 amazing recipes.

This book is particularly useful now, when it’s harder to get your hands on essentials, and is proof that you just need to pick up two ingredients from the supermarket and you can make a delicious meal.

Scary Old Sex by Arlene Heyman | Was £8.99, Now £3

In this stunning, taboo-breaking debut, Arlene Heyman, a practising psychiatrist, gives us what really goes on in people's minds, relationships, and beds. Raw, tender, funny, truthful and often shocking, Scary Old Sex is a fierce exploration of the chaos and beauty of life.

Making Space by Sarah Tierney | Was £8.99, Now £3

This beautifully-written novel follows twenty-nine-year-old Miriam: temping, living with a flatmate who is no longer a friend, and still trying to find her place in life. She falls in love with Erik after he employs her to clear out his paper-packed home.

They are worlds apart: he is forty-five, a successful photographer and artist and an obsessive hoarder still haunted by the end of his marriage. Miriam has an unsuccessful love life and has just got rid of most of her belongings. Somehow, they must find a way to reach each other.

The Way I Cook by Lisa Faulkner | Was £20, Now £5

Lisa focuses on food she loves to cook for her family and friends, with an original collection of over 120 recipes based around different occasions - Sunday Morning, Rainy Days, Something Special, when the Sun is Shining, when she has No Time and a House Full of Kids.

There is something here to suit every occasion, with recipes ranging from the delicate Crab Ravioli and Chive Beurre Blanc, the sublime Venison, Celeriac and Apple Puree, Red Wine and Chocolate Sauce to Crispy Cornflake Chicken and Homemade Fish Fingers.

How to Live: A User's Guide by Peter Johns | Was £5.99, Now £2

What do you give your daughter for her eighteenth birthday? After considering dresses, pets and parties, Peter Johns gave his daughter what would almost certainly have been close to the bottom of her wish list. He wrote a book for her.

War Poems | Was £19.99, Now £7

The first book that draws together all of Robert Graves’s poems about the Great War and, even more significantly, brings into print for the first time the unpublished 1918 manuscript, The Patchwork Flag. The book includes poems written while Graves was on active service on the Western Front, and many published over a number of years after the war, which provide a more contemplative aspect to the subject.

Queenie by Alice Munro | Was £1.99, Now 50p

If you haven’t read anything by Alice Munro, she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013, so she creates pretty great reads.

In this lightweight short story, the protagonist shares her childhood memories with her stepsister - Lena, affectionately referred to as "Queenie". Queenie was always attractive and made her way through life without putting much effort into anything.

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