What do washing symbols really mean?

washing symbols explained
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Laundry can feel like a never-ending job, so no one could blame you for wanting to shove everything into the machine and forget about it. But doing this could risk damage to your favourite clothes, so it's worth following the instructions on your washing label.

What do all these symbols mean? We're here to break it down...

Face the facts

The average Brit throws away 72 items of clothing a year, according to British Wool, many because of damage. Paying attention to how we wash our clothes can prevent discolouration, shrinkage and fraying.

To help avoid damaging your clothing when doing the laundry, it's important to pay attention to washing symbols. These will tell you how to wash and dry your clothes, in addition to giving ironing advice.

Follow our guide

There are lots of washing symbols and they can be confusing. We've put together this handy graphic to explain what the most common symbols mean – print it out, stick it on the fridge, and you should avoid more laundry mishaps!

washing symbols explained
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