Vogue Williams reveals running as a new mum means she's half a stone lighter than before pregnancy

Vogue Williams has opened up about her post-pregnancy exercise regime [Image: Getty]
Vogue Williams has opened up about her post-pregnancy exercise regime [Image: Getty]

Her thousands of Instagram followers will be familiar with how much Vogue Williams is relishing motherhood.

Now, the TV star, 34, has also revealed that she’s more “comfortable” with her body since giving birth, with a healthy approach to exercise meaning she is now naturally half a stone lighter than before she became pregnant.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, the wife of Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews explained that she works out four times a week - and credits running with “unconsciously” helping her slim down as a new mum.

She said: “I’m happy with my body, it’s the shape and size that it’s supposed to be without too much effort.

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“People think I spend every single day in the gym, but I actually go to the gym four times a week and that’s it. That’s what keeps me healthy and it’s nice for my mind as well, not just my body.”

When asked about her weight loss since having 17-month-old baby son Theodore, she explained: “I’ve started running so maybe it’s that, but certainly nothing I’ve done consciously.”

As a mum, Vogue - who also regularly does HIIT classes at Orange Theory - similarly feels her improved body confident happened like a “switch” during pregnancy.

“I never thought I would ever get to the stage where I felt like actually, my body looks OK,” she noted.

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“But I’m happy. I think something changed during pregnancy. At first, I found it quite hard with all the changes to my body. Like, whoa! There’s a huge difference.

“But as it went on I started to feel more comfortable and I think something switched then.”

Vogue - who was previously married to Westlife’s Brian McFadden - insisted that she likewise has a normal approach to food.

She said: “I eat! I don’t even know what a macro is. I know what’s healthy and what’s not.

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“Some days I’ll have a really healthy day and other days I’ll have pizza.”

In December, Vogue - who regularly holidays with Spencer’s brother James Matthews and wife Pippa Middleton - responded to trolls who had messaged her to criticise cellulite on her legs in pictures of her wearing a bikini on a beach.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “I usually let this go over my head but they were so nasty that I allowed it to really get to me.

“For a second I forgot how body positive I am, how happy I am in general and stupidly I allowed this to upset me.

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“I just think that commenting on anyone’s body or appearance is so pointless and low. We are all different, none of us are flawless but that is what actually makes us flawless!

“Let’s be kinder to each other... PS I’m back to loving my bod, cellulite and all.”

Her post received more than 87,000 ‘likes’ and over 6,000 supportive comments.

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