Virgin Atlantic ditches mandatory make-up rule for female cabin crew

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
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    I don't care what my flight attendant looks like. I care that they're polite and provide good service.
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    One of the things that I love about Flying virgin, Emirates etc is that their crew are so smart and classy. They don't need layers of make up to be this. Good decision.
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    Don't think anyone would wish to see me without make up. I scar myself sometimes.
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    I worked for 31 years. Each and every day: nice hair, light makeup, nice clothes. I would not have been able to work padding around the office in my nightgown, no makeup, rollers in hair. That's me though.....
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    I have a feeling where this is all going to lead.
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    Rob Guerrieri
    Heaven forbid your flight attendant looks nice and ladylike. What's next allowing them to wear tracksuits?
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    Get rid of the heels as well, they kill your feet stood in them all day.
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    A lot of girls at my work seem to be in competition with eachother turning heads as they go by as if it's Wimbledon
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    Seriously Old
    I am waiting for dress code for passengers.
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    too bad- 99%of women look better with some makeup-of course say they don't want to be appreciated for their looks-until men start ignoring them and they start getting complexes