Retro workout: I bought TikTok's viral smart hula hoop and I absolutely love it

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I've found a easy way to get fit this summer. (Getty Images)
I've found a easy way to get fit this summer. (Getty Images)

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I love a TikTok trend. Whether it's a sweet everyone is trying or a weird and wonderful beauty product popping up all over the video app, I'm there for it.

Which is why, when I saw the weighted 'hula hoop' trend starting to take over, I knew I had to buy one. 

TikTok users are saying that the unconventional smart hoop makes for a fun, nostalgic cardio workout and I wholeheartedly agree.

TikTok user @alainas.wl.journey's weighted hula hoop video has received over 102,000 views, and she has since been documenting her day-by-day exercise, recording some pretty impressive results. 

Another user, @mariarmasaidyliegh, has racked up over 3 million views on her hula hoop video. 

Why I rate it:

I have zero patience (and that's being generous), so anything that takes more than a few minutes to assemble or comes with a lengthy instruction book is promptly left in the corner to rot. 

But I can confirm that this smart hula hoop took me about 20 seconds to put together, needed no instructions and was out of the box and around my waist in approximately two minutes. 

Not only does it feel relaxing as you're doing it (the rhythmic movement is akin to active mindfulness), it also hasn't yet got boring - and I've been using it every day for two weeks now. 

I do 10 minutes of hula hooping pre-workout and 10 minutes at the end, or, on non-workout days, I just hula hoop for 20 minutes and I can definitely feel my core strengthening.

I can't physically see a difference yet, but I can certainly feel it, (the hoop claims it can help reduce your waist circumference by up to three centimetres). 

Plus, a bonus that I hadn't thought of: it's a conversation starter.

Garden visitors always want to try it on and have a go. Many impromptu competitions (that escalate to various levels of ridiculousness as the alcohol flows) have taken place, always accompanied by fits of laughter. 

Buy it: Smart Hula Hoop | From £15.99 from Amazon

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