Victoria Beckham reveals one beauty treatment David has never seen her without

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
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Victoria Beckham has cheekily revealed that her hubby David Beckham has never had the chance to see her without her perfectly groomed eyebrows.

The 50 year old fashion icon and former Spice Girl let her fans in on a little secret during an Instagram makeup tutorial, boasting a whopping 33 million followers. She was keen to demonstrate just how she achieves that signature brow look with her own BabyBlade Brow Pencil.

Obviously passionate about her brow game, Victoria exclaimed: "I am completely brow obsessed."

Clarifying her brow mantra for her fans, she added: "Nobody's brows are the same. Remember everybody they're sisters not twins don't let perfection get in the way."

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham has gorgeous, fuller eyebrows nowadays thanks to her beauty regime -Credit:No credit
Victoria Beckham in Spice Girls days
Victoria's eyebrows in the early noughties and Spice Girls days were a lot thinner -Credit:REX/Shutterstock

She dropped quite the personal bombshell too: "Even my own husband never sees me without my brows on."

Victoria then gave a step-by-step guide on using the BabyBlade to achieve "Gorgeous, fluffy, full brow."

Approaching their 25th wedding anniversary next month - marking a quarter-century of marriage goals - Victoria confessed in another beauty tutorial: "This is the first time I have ever let anyone see me without my brows on. Even my own husband never sees me without my brows on."

Sharing more about her brow insecurities, she admitted: "It's just my thing it's something I'm almost quite self-conscious about."

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
Victoria Beckham claims her husband David has never seen her without perfectly plucked eyebrows -Credit:BANG Showbiz

Discussing past beauty blunders, she revealed: "Over-plucking has left me with quite gappy brows if you can see, a few missing either side."

She recounted her pluck-happy history, confessing: "Like I said, too much plucking has really left me quite self-conscious about my brows to be completely honest.

"I want you to see how gappy my brows really are, I have so many missing hairs. I have nothing on these brows at the moment, but you can see how much I have to fill them in and level them out."