Vanessa Feltz defends Prince Andrew wearing military uniform at vigil

Appearing as a pundit on This Morning, presenter Vanessa Feltz praised the compassion of King Charles for allowing Prince Andrew to wear his military uniform during a vigil for his late mother The Queen.

Video transcript

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: It's also emerged that the Duke of York did not lobby for permission to wear his military uniform at the Queen's vigil and was instead-- it was instead insisted by the King. The instructions came from the King's office out of the blue on Monday last week and was not following a request by Andrew. The King's decision to allow Andrew to wear his vice admiral uniform was an act of kindness but should not be taken as a signal that he will be allowed to return to royal duties, palace sources say.

VANESSA FELTZ: Well, that shows many things, doesn't it? First of all, it shows that the new King is a compassionate and understanding person. I think everybody who's met him would agree with that, that he is--

JEREMY VINE: [? He's ?] accused of some fairly horrendous crimes, Vanessa.

VANESSA FELTZ: --sensitive. Well no, but hang on a minute, this is the--

JEREMY VINE: Compassionate? Surely it falls to the victims. That's all I'm saying in that instance.

VANESSA FELTZ: That doesn't exclude or preclude having sympathy for the victims at all. But this is an example of a man held up to public gaze during the funeral of his own mother. And also it's his brother. So I think it shows a kindness and generosity and a compassion and some kind of empathy.

I don't think he needs to be punished at that moment of his mother's funeral and the funeral proceedings. I think that's absolutely fine. But I think the other thing it shows is just how much tittle tattle there is and how much nonsensical reporting there is and how many people pretend they know what's going on behind the scenes of everything and have absolutely no idea.