Vanessa Feltz admits she's 'nervous' ahead of medical procedure

Vanessa Feltz was left feeling apprehensive on Friday (3 May) as she headed to the hospital for a medical procedure, taking to Instagram to admit her nerves.

As the radio presenter, 62, headed to the procedure, she filmed herself and explained: "This morning, I'm going on my own, to do some horrible medical procedure. I won't bother with the deets but I reckon it's going to hurt. I feel just like everybody else; nervous, miserable, apprehensive.

"I'm walking in a jolly, perky way towards it and I know I'm going to be staggering away from it like..." the star then proceeded to make a suffering noise. She continued: "It's not nice so I just want to say not every day is jolly and lovely. If anybody else is feeling nervous for a medical procedure, then I really know how you feel."

Vanessa Feltz under a blanket
Vanessa Feltz has opened up about feeling 'nervous' and 'miserable' ahead of undergoing an unknown medical procedure in a new post, before wrapping up in her pyjamas later in the evening -Credit:Instagram / Vanessa Feltz

Signing off the video message, Vanessa assured: "I'm sure I will have cheered up by later on, I'm sure I will have!". A number of her followers wished her well for the surgery, including Celebs Go Dating's Anna Williamson, This Morning's Dr. Phillipa Kaye and Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, who Vanessa was romantically linked to earlier this year.

Following the procedure, Vanessa, who recently joined radio station LBC as a presenter, provided fans with an update. Filming herself at home in her pyjamas, the star thanked her fans for their support and shared that she was now resting up and preparing to have some chicken soup after the procedure.

Vanessa outside
Vanessa shared a clip while on her way to the hospital -Credit:Instagram

Giving a slight insight into the procedure, she added the hashtags 'stitches' and 'surgery' to the caption, writing: "Thank you so much for being so kind and supportive. I’m back home in my pyjamas dosed up on antibiotics and paracetamol. Onwards and upwards!! #homesweethome #allbetter #surgery #stitches #relief #gratitude #thankyou".

In one final update on Monday, Vanessa admitted that she was 'exhausted' after a busy weekend, where she started her new job at LBC and underwent the medical procedure.

Vanessa Feltz on LBC
Vanessa is feeling exhausted as she has also started a new job at LBC this week -Credit:Global Media

Vanessa's new gig comes after she left her role at TalkTV after two years, with her move away from the brand taking place as it becomes a “completely digital” channel for viewers. She was the second big-name presenter to leave the brand, following Piers Morgan's departure in February.

News UK, who operates TalkTV, announced on Wednesday 24 April that there are changes ahead for the brand, with the channel expected to be renamed Talk as it becomes purely digital. From now on, there will be a new line-up of shows and presenters, with Vanessa’s show no longer in the schedule.