Man seeks Tinder dates to turn their vaginas into art

Davide creates his unique art from vagina prints. [Photo: SWNS]
Davide creates his unique art from vagina prints. [Photo: SWNS]

It’s no secret people look for different things on Tinder, with some seeking a more serious relationship and others simply looking for a casual fling.

But one user is seeking something particularly unique: women who allow him to paint their vaginas.

Davide Di Votti, 34, an artist from Vienna, says he used the dating app to find six models for his body painting art, which involves taking prints from womens’ vaginas.

"People say that Tinder is a place to find people so I did a profile on Tinder and said what I was looking for,” he explains.

"I was quite surprised by the matches.

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"There are all sorts of models from skinny girls to bigger girls, from ages 20 to in their 40s, and any age and size. It was important to me to have a variety and they were all very different.

An example of Davide's art. [Photo: SWNS]
An example of Davide's art. [Photo: SWNS]

"The message for me is that all ladies are ladies."

The art itself then takes places at his apartment in Vienna, where he invites his models after an initial coffee meeting.

Explaining how the process works, he says: [The models] come up, have a shower, they get relaxed and how we do the print depends on the girl.

"I have different techniques.

"They sit down and open their legs and I need to paint on the vagina. How we get the print, it always changes.

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"Some of them I put the canvas there, or some the girl puts it there, or another they put the canvas on the back of the sofa and they needed to sit on it.”

As for his choice of materials, Di Votti says he is careful to use paints which are safe to use in the sensitive genital area.

“I did some research on professional body paints. I didn't want a law suit on hands, if someone had an allergic reaction.

"I chose some that will not make any damage. That is not what I wanted to happen and we did tests on their hands first."

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