Man claims he stays healthy by snorting his own urine

Sam Cohen has been drinking urine through his nose for the last 19 years [Photo: SWNS]

A yoga enthusiast claims that he keeps his health in tip-top condition by snorting his own urine.

Sam Cohen, 41, funnels a cup of urine up his nostrils every time he visits the bathroom and refers to the homemade drink as ‘Auryn’ which is Celtic for ‘golden’.

The North Londoner swears by the practice and holds it responsible for improving everything from his appetite and digestion to his libido.

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Speaking about his sex life, he explained: “The urine is just like an overall boost. It will make you feel younger and make you have more hardness. It does actually make you last longer.”

But he’s not alone, as Cohen’s close friends also believe that drinking your own urine can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. The group even funnel the likes of water, red wine and fruit juice through their nostrils.

His friend, Kelly Saliba, also snorts urine through his nose [Photo: SWNS]

“We practice from 10 to 20 times per day with various drinks,” he said. “The diluted version that arrives from the mouth is beneficial but not as the pure urine straight from the body.”

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“It immediately calms and relaxes you. It facilitates digestion and improves appetite. It helps you breathe through the nose better,” he continued. “It removes tiredness and lethargy. It enhances the libido.”

The group believe that drinking their own urine has improved their health [Photo: SWNS]
The group believe that drinking their own urine has improved their health [Photo: SWNS]

According to Cohen, he has come across more than 100 people on Facebook who also snort their own urine over the past four years.

But are there any health benefits to the practice?

“I’ve asked doctors about it but the only answer I’ve got is that it’s not going to be harmful – they don’t see how it’s going to be beneficial,” Cohen said.

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