Upgrade Your Classic Steak And Eggs By Turning It Into A Bagel Sandwich

bagel with plated steak and eggs
bagel with plated steak and eggs - Static Media / Shutterstock / Facebook / Getty

Steak and eggs is a classic brunch duo (even though it can be a little risky), and for savory-loving foodies, it trumps a Belgian waffle or pancake stack any day of the week -- or weekend. (Hello, bottomless mimosas!) In a perfect world, folks would have the time to sit down every single morning, enjoy a leisurely full brunch, and grab a nap afterward, preferably beside an open window with the breeze coming through (swoon). Call us romantics, call us delusional, just call us to the table for mealtime. But, alas, the deliberate, slow beauty of a sit-down brunch simply doesn't have a place amidst the sempiternal hum of the Machine of Progress. Still, that doesn't mean epicures have to relent to the hyper-utilitarian store-bought frozen breakfast sandwich.

We love a tried-and-true egg sammy as much as the next foodie-on-the-go (we're lookin' at you, New Yorkers, with your bacon egg and cheeses). But, when that ol' reliable scrambled egg patty is starting to feel a little plain Jane, take your breakfast sandwich game to the next level and use the iconic steak-and-eggs breakfast combo as sandwich inspo. This breakfast sandwich is a savory superstar, so for maximum structural integrity, assemble your reconstructed steak and eggs on a bagel. The best choice for the job is an everything, sesame, onion, asiago, or plain bagel. If you happen to live near a bakery or bodega, you could even take a soul-soothing morning walk and fetch a fresh one warm from the oven.

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A Filling Steak And Egg Sammy To Supercharge Your Morning

Steak and eggs plated breakfast
Steak and eggs plated breakfast - Naseeb T N/Shutterstock

For the best, most tender, succulent steak and eggs, top sirloin is the best cut of meat to get the job done. However, this breakfast sandwich upgrade is also a great way to use up leftover steak the day after an elevated dinner. Scrambled or fried eggs work just as well for sandwich-building, whichever you prefer. Alternatively, if you choose to use bread or an English muffin, just keep in mind that it'll need to be pretty darn thick and dense to accommodate that hefty, moist filling without falling apart. Sturdy, savory bagels are the best fit for the job here to keep that steak and eggs locked in place.

From there, all that's left to do is load that bad boy up with whatever toppings your heart desires. First things first, any good breakfast sandwich needs a moisture component. A drizzle of sriracha and Kewpie mayo would lend spicy-umami boldness. Keep it simple with a smear of garlic aioli. Or, lean richer and swipe your bagel or English muffin with some scallion cream cheese. You could also top your steak and eggs with chimichurri for a bright green pop of color and a flavorful herbaceous kick. Jarred roasted red peppers, sliced fresh beefsteak tomato, a handful of arugula, crushed potato chips, or a slice of white cheddar cheese would all bulk up your steak and eggs sandwich and add even greater dimensionality flavor-wise.

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