People are sharing hilarious photos of their pets in viral social media challenge

People are sharing 'unflattering' images of their pets on social media (Getty)
Social media users are sharing "unflattering" images of their pets. (Getty)

Pets. They give us endless entertainment and are known for pulling a few funny faces along the way.

This was the thinking behind a new ‘challenge’ on social media, aptly named the #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge.

The challenge has gone viral, sweeping both Instagram and Twitter, with users quick to share some hilarious pictures of their hounds.

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While it’s uncertain who started the challenge, the idea behind it is pretty simple. Just snap a picture of your dog being their usual (awkward) self and share it with your followers.

One user, Kirsten tweeted a picture of her pup with the caption: “In this time where everything on social is filtered, with the exception of politics, I’m glad we have #dogs.”

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Another user, Toni, posted a picture of her pooch with half of its hair shaved off after having surgery that week.

Christopher posted a picture of his dog with the caption: “Benjamin was doing his best alpaca impression.”

Beth also shared a picture of her pup that encapsulates the excitement all dogs feel when they run.

Twitter user Johanna shared a picture of her dog Alan in a rather uncomfortable-looking position.

While Ray shared a picture of his pup who seemed to have quietly stolen his peanut butter sandwich.

Fellow Twitter user Lorraine posted a picture of her pet with the caption: “Here is a picture of my dog, Robot, post-nap... sometimes he sleeps on his face and wakes up like this.”

Dogs weren’t the only pets subjected to the challenge, as cat owners were proudly sharing the most unflattering pictures of their feline friends too.

One user shared a picture of their Sphynx cat casually sitting on the couch.

If you want to add a picture of your pet to the mix, all you need to do is post it on Twitter and Instagram with the relevant hashtag.

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