The UK’s favourite three-course meal has been revealed – and there’s a retro twist

Homemade Rosemary Steak and French Fries with Salt as part of a three-course meal
Steak with chunky chips has been voted as the nation's favourite main for a three-course meal. (Getty Images) (bhofack2 via Getty Images)

A three-course meal is an indulgence like no other. First up you have the delicious starter, followed by a hearty main and then you can cater to your sweet tooth with a delectable dessert.

While everyone has their own idea of what their perfect three-course meal would be, a new survey has found that there is a stand out option that most Brits would pick.

According to the research, the ultimate three course meal would have a prawn cocktail as a starter, a medium rare steak with chips and peppercorn steak as the main, and apple crumble with custard for a dessert.

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Nearly half (40%) of respondents picked the retro prawn cocktail as their favourite starter, followed by spring rolls (31%), tomato soup (26%), smoked salmon (22%) and baked camembert (19%).

Shrimp Cocktail garnished with lemon wedge
The nostalgic prawn cocktail is the favourite starter for Brits. (Getty Images) (Costi Moculescu / 500px via Getty Images)

A whopping 51% opted for a medium rare steak as their main course, accompanied by chunky chips and peppercorn sauce no less.

The steak beat out stiff competition including lasagne (38%), roast chicken (36%) and beer-battered fish and chips (32%).

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The poll, by Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream, found that the humble apple crumble and custard would be the perfect dessert to round off the decadent meal.

This was followed by ice cream (38%), lemon cheesecake (36%) and sticky toffee pudding (34%).

apple crumble with custard
Apple crumble with custard for dessert? Don't mind if we do. (Getty Images) (Joff Lee via Getty Images)

Nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents said they often treat themselves and their friends and family to a three course dinner, with 61% preferring to make a three-course dinner at home rather than going out to eat.

A quarter of people (25%) said part of the reason they love cooking at home was to show off their cooking skills, while 14% wanted to make their table look pretty and 11% wanted to choose the soundtrack.

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Nearly all (91%) of the respondents said that food is one of their greatest pleasures, while 56% said that they ‘live to eat’.

Top 10 dinner starters

  1. Prawn cocktail – 40%

  2. Spring rolls – 31%

  3. Tomato soup – 26%

  4. Smoked salmon – 22%

  5. Bruschetta – 22%

  6. Caesar salad – 20%

  7. Baked camembert – 19%

  8. Calamari – 18%

  9. French onion soup – 16%

  10. Chicken liver pate – 14%

Top 10 dinner main courses

  1. Medium rare steak – 51%

  2. Lasagne – 38%

  3. Roast chicken – 36%

  4. Beer battered fish and chips – 32%

  5. Sausage mash and onion gravy – 30%

  6. Chicken Tikka masala – 27%

  7. Slow roast lamb – 26%

  8. Spaghetti carbonara – 25%

  9. Spaghetti and meatballs – 23%

  10. Crispy duck – 22%

Top 10 puddings

  1. Apple crumble and custard - 39%

  2. Ice cream - 38%

  3. Lemon cheesecake - 36%

  4. Sticky toffee pudding - 34%

  5. Profiteroles - 32%

  6. Trifle - 26%

  7. Lemon meringue pie - 26%

  8. Creme Brulee - 24%

  9. Banoffee pie - 24%

  10. Eton mess - 23%

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