UK’s ‘divorce hotspots’ revealed

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Divorce rates in the UK are at 25% in some areas. (Getty Images)

Blackpool has been named as the top divorce hotspot in the UK, with 25.8% of married couples likely to get a divorce.

Of Blackpool's 141,000 population, the 55 to 59 age group had the highest chance of divorce, with 30.9% of marriages in this age range ending.

However, the area of Hackney in London had the overall highest divorce rate, at 39.9% in couples over the age of 85.

Norwich came in second in the divorce hotspots, with one in four (25.4%) of marriages or civil partnerships expected to dissolve, according to the data analysis by

An aerial photograph of Blackpool Beach and Tower. The photograph shows North and Central Piers and the famous Blackpool Tower. The photograph was produced on a gloriously sunny day with blue skies which enhanced the golden no colour of the sandy beach.
Blackpool has the highest divorce rate in the UK. (Getty Images)
  1. Blackpool – 25.8%

  2. Norwich – 25.4%

  3. Hastings – 24.8%

  4. Lincoln – 22.9%

  5. Eastbourne – 22.6%

  6. Torbay – 22.2%

  7. Thanet – 22.1%

  8. Kingston upon Hull – 22%

  9. Great Yarmouth – 22%

  10. Portsmouth – 21.7%

On the other hand, Harrow was named as the place with the highest marriage success rate in the UK, with just a 9.5% chance of divorce.

In this local authority, the 70 to 74-year age group had the highest probability of divorce, raising to 13.1%.

The current divorce rate in the UK as a whole is estimated tyo be 42%, with unreasonable behaviour listed as the most common reason

The average length of marriage at the time of divorce is 11.9 years for British couples, with the average age at 46.4 for men, and 43.9 for women.

The River Lea Navigation Canal by Hackney Marshes, London. The photo shows Canary Wharf in the background on the left and City of London on the right. Next to the canal in the foreground is Homerton and Lower Clapton.
Hackney in London has a high divorce rate. (Getty Images)

Couples who divorce also spend an average of about £14,561 on legal feels and other divorce-related costs.

Separate data from the 2021 Census found that Southwark has the highest divorce rate in London at 10.3%, followed by Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Hackney at 10%.

The Census data listed Norwich as the area with the highest divorce rate in the UK at 12.8%, followed by Hastings and Blackpool at 12.1%.