TV star Pauline Quirke’s amazing weight loss

Talk about shedding weight! For most of us looking to get rid of excess pounds, we're lucky if we can drop a stone in a few months.

Well, Emmerdale star Pauline Quirke obviously wasn't willing to wait around. She's slimmed down fast - and how!

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She shows off her new slim figure in the pages of Woman magazine this month. Quirke started her diet back in January and has managed to shed six and a half stone in just six months!

In a bid to lose weight, the TV star went on an extreme low-calorie diet at the beginning of the year that took her from 19st 6lb to 13st.

The actress – best known as Sharon in the hit nineties sitcom Birds of a Feather - has battled with her weight for years.

She took drastic action after she was told she was ‘severely obese’.

At 5ft 6in, her BMI (body mass index) was 43.9 - within the severely obese category.

With her health at risk, Quirke knew it was time to take stock of her life, she told Woman magazine:  “I hadn't weighed myself for many, many years. Then just before Christmas, I got on the scales and it said 19st 6lbs. I was so shocked.”

She insists she is determined to lose weight without involving surgery. The 51-year-old has been slimming down with LighterLife weightloss programme.

LighterLife is a very low calorie eating plan that aims to aid rapid weight loss effectively.

Our diet expert Rachael Anne Hill comments: “The Lighter Life diet combines a very low calorie diet plan with meal replacement powders. Because calorie intake is so restricted fast and often quite dramatic weight losses occur. However, it is a quick fix option rather than a long term solution”.

It supplies meals between 500-800 calories a day. Those on this

particular diet must have a BMI exceeding 30 and have regular checkups

with their GP.

Since joining the Emmerdale cast as Hazel Rhodes last year, Quirke said her eating had got out of control. She said “It was a bacon or sausage roll of a morning, a meal at lunchtime in the canteen and then cooking a dinner back at the flat of a night. I was just getting bigger.”

She said: “I won’t put myself through any surgical procedure if there’s an alternative. It’s all manageable. I’ve never been hungry.”

Two years ago Quirke lost 3st but piled the weight back on again, this time she says there is no going back as she plans to shed another two before easing off her current diet plan.

You can read the full interview in Woman magazine out now.

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