TV presenter retches after eating raw egg live on air - leaving viewers in disgust

Breakfast TV fans were left feeling queasy after witnessing a revolting challenge involving a raw egg.

Over in Australia, the much-loved Today Show host Alex Cullen, who's a familiar face on the programme, decided to take on a bizarre and stomach-churning task.

The show had invited TikTok sensation Tommy Armour for a chat, famed for his outlandish videos where he munches on raw eggs, shell and all.

Alex, at the ripe age of 43, was keen to try out this wacky trend himself but it didn't go as planned.

Before attempting the feat, he was instructed to sniff the egg and then 'lubricate' it in his mouth, which caused quite the stir among the crew who erupted into laughter.

Alex being sick
Alex was sick on live TV -Credit:YouTube

As Alex popped the entire egg into his mouth, his expression turned to one of sheer horror as he tried to bite down on the crunchy shell.

The sounds that followed suggested Alex was on the verge of being sick, and he dashed for the nearest bin to spit out the yolk.

He then scurried behind the sofa, back turned to the camera, desperately trying to eject the remaining bits of egg from his mouth.

Having spat out the damp remnants, he blurted out: "How do you do that? ... I apologise to the nation for not being able to get that down."

Alex eating an egg
Breakfast TV viewers were left completely grossed out by a disgusting stunt involving a raw egg -Credit:YouTube

Viewers watching the live spectacle were understandably appalled and took to Instagram to voice their reactions.

One person commented: "Oh yuck that's so foul. The smell of raw egg makes me want to hurl! ".

Another shocked viewer posted: "What did i just watch ."

"That's f******* disgusting," a third user exclaimed, complete with a series of retching emojis.

Meanwhile, another was in disbelief: "ALEX WHAT NOOOOOOOOO ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ".

TikTok star Tommy Armour
The Australian breakfast show welcomed TikTok star Tommy Armour into the studio -Credit:YouTube

The social media sensation didn't shy away from discussing his penchant for the macabre during the interview.

A brief clip showed him startling a supermarket employee by biting into an unbroken egg straight from the box.

The host queried, "What's going on here? Why are you eating raw eggs? ".

His response was nonchalant: "That is bit of a daily question now and I am trying to come up with a good one, but I started with the yolks, and I guess the shells got a bit jealous, so I just started to bring them in. Thought I'd get them in there."

Alex running to the bin
The host made a beeline for the nearest rubbish bin as he tried to hide away from the camera -Credit:YouTube

Alex and his fellow presenter Jayne Azzopardi delved deeper as the online star disclosed some unexpected health perks.

Trying to rationalise his bizarre habit, he claimed that the nutritional value could significantly contribute to hair growth.