Troye Sivan appointed global make-up brand ambassador for Rabanne

Troye Sivan is Rabanne's first global make-up ambassador credit:Bang Showbiz
Troye Sivan is Rabanne's first global make-up ambassador credit:Bang Showbiz

Troye Sivan has been named Rabanne’s first global make-up brand ambassador.

The 'Revelation' hitmaker has always been a fan of the brand's clothes so was delighted to be asked to front their cosmetics campaign, which will begin with advertisements for their Fresh Touch Foundation.

He told WWD: “My first interaction was wearing the fashion and always just really loving it and feeling very playful and excited about the clothes, then incorporating them into some special moments for me and music videos...

“When it came to working together on the beauty, it was such a no-brainer for me."

The 29-year-old singer is known for his gender-fluid image and has always been interested in make-up, though using cosmetics himself didn't come until later in his life.

He recalled: “I definitely fantasised about playing with makeup as a kid and never really allowed myself to do it.

"I would watch my mom do her makeup, or I would watch my sister or my friends. My favorite thing was I would get ready for a party in like five minutes then race to my friend’s house and watch them get ready over the course of two hours.

“It’s this very kind of ritualistic experience that I cherish.

“I love doing it by myself. I love doing it with other people. Even now, on tour — we’ve been on tour for the last month — it became a really important part of our pre-show ritual — me and the six dancers sitting, all doing our makeup and exchanging products and tips.

“It really centers you, puts you in the zone, can elevate you and make you feel your best."

Rabanne felt Troye was the perfect star to be their first make-up brand abassador.

Vice president Jerome Leloup said: “We chose Troye because we’ve always had such a strong link with music.

“He’s bringing something very gender-fluid — our makeup is not gender [related], so it’s really important.”