Transform your work clothes into Christmas Party Queen

Christmas will always be my favourite time of the year. The hope of snow for a White Christmas, a warm cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, Christmas morning filled with presents and delicious food, and that inner peace the season brings.

Now throw work into the equation and inner peace might start to drift away. Working late hours, running out of time, and on top of that you’ve been invited to the after-work Christmas party. With no time to go back home to properly dress for the occasion, what’s a girl to do? The most important thing: Don’t Panic. Instead prepare yourself by transforming your work clothes into that perfect Queen-of-the-party outfit.

[Photos: Instagram/christianvadan]

It’s easier than you imagine. Pick two items which are work and party appropriate, like a pleated velvet skirt and a pair of jacquard sandals. Both are super hot right now – from runways and magazines to the high-street.

Now that you have the base for your outfit, let’s see the options. For work, wear thick tights in a neutral colour (go over 60DEN) and a cosy, oversized sweater in a similar shade (go for wool or rich cashmere). Keep your makeup natural and your hair in a low pony tail, with a middle parting. It always works.

[Photos: Instagram/christianvadan]

Wearing: Sikya Wool Jumper, Asos Velvet Skirt, Asos Pointed Heels, Calvin Klein Tights.

Do a little trick: have some bits prepared in that big bag you always carry to work. For example, a tulle leotard, a pair of statement earrings (choose an oversized pair in a neutral shade so they will work with the outfit, regardless the colours you’re wearing), and a small box clutch bag.

Now take the fur scarf you had on top of your coat this morning and just cover your shoulders with it! Don’t forget about the details: a dark lip in rich burgundy, a little cat eye, taking your tights off. Oh, and a little ballerina-inspired chignon! Ready to party?

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[Photos: Instagram/christianvadan]

Wearing: Zara Earrings, Asos Faux Fux Scarf, Y.A.S.Sheer Body.

Too daring for you? Opt for a pleated velvet top in exquisite champagne, keep the box clutch, add a leather OBI belt, a pair of wool socks in the same colour as the top, quickly do an up-do (an oversized front chignon looks amazing on long hair!). You will rock this party.

[Photos: Instagram/christianvadan]

Wearing: Glamorous Velvet Top, Asos OBI Belt, Asos Marble Box Clutch, WoolOvers socks.

If you’re a fun girl who loves to party, opt for a cropped sequin top in a dark colour (I chose navy because I love the navy-mauve combo), fishnet tights, the box clutch I was telling you about (this one has a marble texture and looks precious), let your hair down (I mean it!) and start dancing! All eyes are on you.

[Photos: Instagram/christianvadan]

Wearing: Asos Cropped Sequin Top, Wolford Fishnet Tights.

Styling: Carla Vadan