Tracee Ellis Ross hesitated over wearing bright pink gown to 2018 Emmys

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Tracee Ellis Ross had a moment of panic at the 2018 Emmy Awards because she was unsure about her outfit choice.

The Black-ish actress always pulls out all the stops when it comes to her red carpet looks, often sporting stylish suits or stunning couture pieces.

However, in a cover interview for the June 2020 issue of Marie Claire magazine, Tracee recalled how she hesitated over her choice of a fuchsia Valentino gown with dramatic puffed sleeves and full skirt for the glamorous ceremony.

"I loved it...And then 10 minutes into the carpet I was like, 'Oh, my God, everyone's laughing at me,'" she remembered, before sharing how a friend was able to convince her otherwise.

And while Tracee occasionally second-guesses her sartorial selections, she is still looking forward to Hollywood events starting back up again following the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I don't miss the frenzy of the red carpet. I don't miss the panic of the red carpet. But I miss beautiful clothes. I miss that form of creative expression for me. I miss glamour," the 48-year-old sighed.

Elsewhere in the chat, Tracee encouraged her fans to avoid pressuring themselves to change their bodies or lifestyles once the coronavirus lockdown fully eases.

"So many hard edges in the world that perhaps the softness of our bodies is actually worthy of a thank you," she mused. "Perhaps our bodies are wiser than we are and are doing all of the work that we cannot do in these moments to allow a gentleness and a softness and a cushion around our heart and our most delicate and soft spaces."