Top tips for shopping for a second hand luxury bag with designer resale expert Sellier

Purchasing a luxury bag is a major investment - a quality, classic accessory that has the power to last a lifetime.

“Today, a lot of consumers understand that buying a designer bag is more than buying a consumable product,” explains Hanushka Toni, founder of luxury resale company, Sellier. “Of course, it’s there for us to enjoy but at the same time, these are pieces that really hold that long term value and can also be passed down the generations.”

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Hanushka Toni, founder of Sellier

Since starting Sellier in 2018, Hanushka’s business has become a household name in the pre-owned industry and is the fastest growing luxury reseller in the UK. Not only does it have physical stores in London’s affluent areas of Belgravia and Knightsbridge and a base in Monaco, they’ve nailed the digital sphere too. The brand has amassed over 131k Instagram followers and 100k on TikTok thanks to their informative, engaging content that of course showcases the dreamiest handbags of all time.

Some people even believe that owning a preloved Hermès bag is a greater status symbol than owning a house, citing a video of Kylie Jenner’s rare £100k Birkin, the highest viewed video across the whole of TikTok, as evidence. The hashtag #Hermes has an incredible 3.4b views on TikTok.

Not only this, shopping pre-owned is a small step in the right direction to helping the fashion industry become more sustainable, by reducing the number of brand new goods and lowering carbon footprint.

Purchasing a second hand designer bag could be as beneficial for your bank balance as it could be for both the planet and your sartorial agenda, thanks to its probable increase in value as the bag becomes more vintage. But to avoid disappointment, ensure you do the proper research and only use authentic platforms.

Hello! Fashion enlisted Hanushka’s help to find out everything that you need to know about buying a second hand designer bag - from the chic Chanel flap and the flawless Fendi Baguette to any other little slice of heaven that is on your accessories wishlist.

Hanushka Toni’s top tips for shopping a second hand designer bag:

Use a reputable company 

“There are lots of options for shopping resale online, but make sure that you're buying from a company that has good authentication credentials,” says Hanushka. “Unfortunately, online shopping can be a bit of a wild west - and the pieces that seem to be too good to be true, often are.”

Condition is everything

“Whilst some of the most amazing pieces do show a sense of history and time, you also want to be buying something that will last so look carefully at the corners as well as the wear to the leather and the hardware.”

Look for investment value

“For investment value and pieces that will remain desirable in the years to come look for the rare vintage models from brands like Chanel. Chanel bags from the 90s were not only produced better, but these rare models have become collector's items and will continue to appreciate in value for years to come. There's also a certain satisfaction in knowing that you have something that will no longer be made and is one of only a few in existence.”

Go to physical stores where possible

“Nothing beats seeing that special purchase in person so look for businesses that also have physical locations where you can go and see the bags and decide if something really is for you. It also gives you comfort that if there are any issues you always have somewhere you can go to resolve a problem.”

Don’t hesitate

“When shopping for preloved, remember that things go really quickly. So if you find something you love, don't hesitate because chances are if it's a really desirable piece, it will be snapped up by someone else if you spend too long thinking.”



How and why did you start Sellier?

“We started Sellier as an alternative to the resale landscape at the time. Personally I was buying a lot of pieces in the primary market and whenever I wanted to shop for preloved and vintage I found myself having to scroll through endless listings of products that perhaps weren't exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to create a destination for people like me who wanted the best in class of preloved, meaning the right piece at the right price, where every single item on the website was absolutely amazing. Sellier was therefore born as a destination for the discerning consumer who only wants the best of the best, but it's also conscious about sustainability and making great fashion choices.”

Brands that have the best investment value?

“Funnily enough, the French brands hold their value the best on resale. The market is probably strongest for Chanel and Hermes pieces, followed by Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. We find that Italian brands are probably regarded more as trend pieces which therefore depreciate more when they are sold pre-loved when compared to the brand new retail price. It's not uncommon for pieces from Chanel and Hermes to appreciate in value after they've left the store.”



How has the designer bag resale landscape changed over recent years?

“Back when we started the business in 2019, the landscape for preloved designer bags was dramatically different. Back then no one really appreciated the investment value of these pieces. Today, a lot of consumers understand that buying a designer bag is more than buying a consumable product. Of course, it’s there for us to enjoy but at the same time, these are pieces that really hold that long term value and can also be passed down the generations.”

How to sell a bag with Sellier?

“There are lots of options to sell a bag with Sellier, you can either bring it into one of our physical locations (Knighsbridge and Belgravia) and someone will give you a price on the spot. Alternatively, you can send a picture of your item via Instagram and one of the team will give you a price or fill in the form on our website and someone will come back to you via email. It's super easy and meant to be a personalised experience for every seller.”



How do you ensure a bag is authentic?

“Full proof authentication is our highest priority as a business. We have a  rigorous three step authentication system in place to ensure no dupes are ever passed through their stores and site. Firstly, the team on site will inspect the piece, it then goes to an independent authenticator for the particular brand in question and then as a final step, they run all items through an AI system called Entrupy. We have found that the way to increase consumers' trust is by having a process that includes the use of microscopic technology and we’re the only resale service that provides AI authentication.”

Why are you so passionate about sustainable luxury?

“I once saw a quote that said ‘buy things you love and wear them for a very long time’. This is a philosophy I couldn't agree with more. I want to buy things which I know I am going to treasure and enjoy more than once. I love that idea of holding on to things and wearing them in a sustainable way that doesn't impact our environment. As I've grown and had children I've really come to appreciate the importance of sustainable consumption and buying things that spark joy but also don't have a negative impact on our planet.

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