Poll reveals top 30 foods Brit expats can't live without

A cup of tea unsurprisingly made the number one spot. [Photo: Getty]
A cup of tea unsurprisingly made the number one spot. [Photo: Getty]

A poll has revealed the top 30 foods Brit expats can’t live without and unsurprisingly, a delicious cup of steaming tea made the top spot.

If we could make a list of the most quintessentially British food items available, most of them feature in this top 30 poll.

Everything from gravy to scones grace the 30 coveted places in the research carried out by British Corner Shop.

Chocolate and marmite clinched second and third places.

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The research also found that, after their family and friends, two-thirds of expats missed food more than anything else when moving abroad.

The top 30 list makes us feel nostalgic just looking at it.

1. Tea
2. Chocolate
3. Marmite
4. Gravy
5. Biscuits
6. Crisps
7. Beans
8. Bacon
9. Pies
10. Cereal
11. Pickle
12. Sausages
13. Crumpets
14. Squash
15. Cheese
16. Bread
17. Bovril
18. Mustard
19. Cake
20. Salad Cream
21. Sweets
22. Soup
23. Marmalade
24. Irn Bru
25. Beer
26. Custard
27. Malt Vinegar
28. Scones
29. Fish & Chips
30. Twiglets

Gravy and biscuits also featured highly on the list. After all, what is a cup of tea without a dippy biscuit?

There weren’t many brand-specific items on the list, but some of the stand-out brands that expats struggled to live without included Irn Bru, Twiglets and Bovril.

It’s also interesting to note that the very British roast dinner didn’t make the list. There has been a steady decline in the number of families sitting down to a Sunday roast in recent years, which could have influenced the final results of the list.

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If you were wondering whether it was just humans who get homesick for food, the answer is no. One person who filled in the survey said their cat was missing its Whiskas crunch.

Almost half of the people surveyed said they felt excitement when they saw UK brands in their local areas, too.

However, a lot of people also commented that it made them feel nostalgic, which isn’t always a positive feeling when you’re in a new or different country.

Hands up if you’re going to make yourself a cup of tea right now?

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