Tom Schwartz says Tom Sandoval has a ‘sense of profound sadness’ about Raquel Leviss cheating scandal

Schwartz and Sandoval, at an event in 2022  (Getty Images)
Schwartz and Sandoval, at an event in 2022 (Getty Images)

Tom Schwartz has commented on his Vanderpump Rules co-star and business partner Tom Sandoval’s cheating scandal in a new interview.

Earlier this month, it was reported that reality TV star Sandoval had engaged in a six-month affair with Raquel Leviss, who also stars in the Bravo series. At the time, restauranteur and bar owner Sandoval had been in a relationship with fellow cast member Ariana Madix for nearly 10 years.

Soon after, TMZ reported that Madix and the TomTom co-founder had broken up in the wake of the affair.

Other Vanderpump Rules cast members expressed their support for Madix on social media, while criticising Sandoval and Leviss.

Sandoval also issued a statement, asking fans not to boycott Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge – which he co-owns with Schwartz – as a result of his actions.

Now, Schwartz has called the whole situation is “f***ing complicated”, adding that he’s “sad about the negative impact it’s having on our business”.

When asked about Sandoval, Schwartz told TMZ: “He’s okay, I think. Relatively speaking, I mean, he has a sense of profound sadness, rightfully so, that he’s a piece of s***. And to some extent, maybe he is.

“But he knows he f***ed up, and the whole thing is just really sad,” he added.

During the interview, Schwartz also said: “Luckily, Ariana has a really good support system, and she’s with her friends.

“I hope she’s living a good life, just indulging. Hope she goes on a living spree. I’m just hoping this whole thing blows over,” the 40-year-old shared.

When asked about Leviss, Schwartz said he hasn’t spoken to her since “this whole thing started” but declined to comment on whether he knew about the affair before.

“You’ll see it play out on the show,” he added.

On 4 March, Sandoval requested fans to “please leaave Schwartz, my friends and family” out of this situation.

In an Instagram statement, he wrote: “Schwartz specifically only found out about this very recently, and most definitely did not condone my actions. This was a very personal thing.”

He also urged them to “direct [your] anger towards me” and not the “3 other partners and 20 employees” who work at Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Sandoval said he will be “taking a step back” from the business “out of respect for my employees and partners”.