Meet the toddler influencer with 16K followers who scored £10k worth of freebies

Little Parker George has become an Instagram Influencer [Photo: SWNS]
Little Parker George has become an Instagram influencer. (SWNS)

A toddler has become one of Instagram's youngest influencers, clocking up more than 16,000 followers.

Little Parker George’s account began when he was just eight months old and was set up by his mum last Christmas.

Stay-at-home mum Natasha Maxwell, 33, from Sheffield, originally just wanted an online profile to share the tot’s cute pics with loved ones.

But over the next year, attracted Insta love from a wider audience of people drawn in by the youngster’s cheeky smile, and now some posts can be seen by 20,000 people.

And Maxwell and Parker have been sent around £10,000 worth of treats in exchange for Instagram shout-outs, including designer clothes, tickets to Disney On Ice and even a fridge freezer.

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Parker's page was set up when he was eight months old and the toddler now has over 16K followers [Photo: SWNS]
Parker's page was set up when he was eight months old and now has over 16K followers. [SWNS]

Top brands like River Island have also provided clothes for Parker to wear in photos, hoping to capitalise on his popularity.

But Maxwell says such success was never the motivation for starting it.

In fact it was her love of photography that provided the inspiration, coupled with wanting to have all her family’s pictures in one place.

“I didn’t start it as a way of using my children to gain anything,” she says. “I only started the page because it is a place to keep all of my photos in one place for my friends and family to see.”

Natasha spends up to nine hours a day curating the Instagram page, pictured here with fiance Daniel and Parker [Photo: SWNS]
Mum Natasha Maxwell, pictured here with fiancé Daniel Burt and Parker, spends up to nine hours a day curating the Instagram page. [SWNS]

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Curating the feed takes time, with Maxwell spending up to nine hours a day producing the family-orientated content.

“I put a lot of work in and it does take up a lot of my time,” she says.

“I don't feel bad for getting something out of it, too, because it does require a lot of work every day.”

Since hitting 10,000 followers in July this year, the family have been gifted tickets to events like Disney On Ice and free entry to local zoos and play parks.

They have also received free items from, Muscle Foods, and children’s pram and furniture specialist Stokke.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunities we get especially working with some amazing brands, and don’t take anything for granted,” she says.

“I guess the words freebies and handouts draw in the audience but, I really don’t see it like that. I hate those words.

“I get gifts to help the business promote a product and a lot of work goes into creating content for the brands.”

Parker George with dog [Photo: SWNS]
Little Parker has become an Instagram success. [SWNS]

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Maxwell, who will marry 22-year-old steelworker Daniel Burt in January, says she isn’t sure exactly why Parker has become so popular and can only put it down to his adorable cheeky grin.

“Parker is very cute and he is always really happy,” she says. “He waves at everyone and is always smiling.

“I am proud of Parker for just being him.”

Though he takes a starring role, the page also features other family members, including Natasha’s eight-year-old daughter Lilly-Rae.

Maxwell attributes some of the page’s success to its authenticity.

“I try to keep the posts as genuine as possible,” she says. “I work really hard at making sure people can relate to my page and that I am real and approachable.

“I always respond to messages and enjoy meeting new people.

“I’ve met people on Instagram that are coming to my wedding, I’ve made real friends.”

Maxwell is careful about the type of photos taken, particularly as Parker is still a toddler.

“I love to share my life on social media and always have done,” she says.

“People do talk about the dangers of posting photos of your children online but I don’t see it like that at all.

“I see it as a bit of harmless fun.”

Parker and his mum Natasha [Photo: SWNS]
'I am proud of Parker for just being him,' his mum Natasha Maxwell says. [SWNS]

As well as growing Parker’s profile, Maxwell now also uses the feed to share advice, ask questions and get involved with the online parenting community, offering support and help to other mums and dads.

She also hopes her feed can inspire other parents to get creative when sharing pictures of their little ones online.

“If someone is starting up my advice would be, don’t get jealous of anyone, work hard and be you,” she says.

“Don’t aim to be as good as or better than anyone else, just be real.”