Travel blogger defends herself after internet points out she airbrushes clouds in her photos

Tupi Saravia said she has always been open about editing her pictures. [Photo: Instagram]
Tupi Saravia said she has always been open about editing her pictures. [Photo: Instagram]

A popular travel blogger has responded after a Twitter user spotted something strange about the clouds in her Instagram pictures.

Tupi Saravia, who goes by the handle @tupisaravia, boasts 292,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saravia posts photos from her around-the-world travels on the social media platform. She also has a YouTube channel, where she posts video blogs, or vlogs, from her travels.

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But recently she had to issue a response after a number of internet users pointed out that the clouds in the background of several of her travel shots seem to be eerily similar.

Although the photos are taken in different countries, at different times of day, the cloud formations in the background are identical.

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Matt Navarra, who identifies as a “social media industry commentator and consultant” in his Twitter bio, drew attention to the strange phenomenon after noticing comments about it were “doing the rounds” on social media.

But Saravia was seemingly unfazed by all the comments, cooly responding in an Instagram post in which she called the revelation “no big deal”, even revealing the app she uses to edit her images.

She wrote: “Its an app called QUICKSHOT that i’ve always been opened about with my followers, actually there is a highlighted story on my feed where you can see how I edit my followers pics changing the sky.

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“No big deal, I use it for better composition in my pictures when the actual pic has a burt or overexposed sky.”

As most of us are already aware, appearances on Instagram can be deceptive. This was also shown to be the case earlier this month, when a woman outed her sister for a fake ‘hiking’ Instagram shot which was actually taken in their back garden.

Then there was the former ‘Love Island’ who last month was exposed by followers after she faked the location of an Instagram post.