Toddler with eczema so bad liquid was 'pouring from his face' receives life-changing treatment

Gabriel Dias (left and with his parents, right) has received life-changing treatment for his severe eczema.
Gabriel Dias (left and with his parents, right) has received life-changing treatment for his severe eczema. (SWNS)

A toddler with eczema so severe that he had "liquid pouring from his face" has seen it start to clear up after receiving life-changing treatment abroad.

Three-year-old Gabriel’s mum Ines Dias, 22, started a GoFundMe page earlier this year to get her son the help he needed after conventional treatment in the UK didn’t work.

Dias says she had taken her son to see numerous doctors, dermatologists, and even to a private clinic, over the past three years.

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Tests confirmed that Gabriel had an extremely severe and rare form of eczema, but conventional treatment wasn’t able to help.

"At first, we were given antibiotics and cortisol which worked for a few days - but then it all came back," Dias explains.

"Before, I couldn't even sleep with him because his condition gets worse at night and that's when he scratches most.

"The hot weather makes everything worse as well. It’s been really heart-breaking seeing him like this for so long."

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Dias discovered that there was an alternative eczema treatment available in Portugal and she has raised £9,210 to take Gabriel to have the treatment there.

child with severe eczema
Gabriel's eczema is beginning to clear up. (SWNS)

They have so far been twice, once for his initial treatment and then again for his follow-up.

The doctor in Portugal is a specialist who uses native Portuguese plants and natural creams to treat skin conditions and burns.

"Gabriel started to recover about a week ago and, since then, his skin has been clearing little-by-little, so he’s still got some bits on his face and leg but it’s going away slowly," Dias explains.

"I feel so much better and happier, the way he acts now and his sleeping is so different. He is like a different kid. He is much more active than he was, and happier, too.

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"The doctor sent the treatment to me by post and he told me to come and see him next week, so I am going to travel next week with Gabriel so the doctor can see him eye-to-eye.

"It has been a liquid treatment that has worked really well on him, I applied it once last week and it changed him completely."

Dias adds that she’s "grateful" to everyone who has donated to their GoFundMe. She says: "It’s really helped and it’s literally changing my boys life so a really big thank you to them."

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