What should be on your to-do list before going on holiday (aside from packing)

Closing windows, washing up and clearing out the fridge all feature.

Cleaning the fridge before holiday. (Getty Images)
Remember to clear out the fridge before this holiday. (Getty Images)

As many as 60% of us feel stressed before a holiday, with 53% of us blaming this on having too much to think about before leaving.

Sound familiar? That's why it's wise to get things sorted before going away, to ensure you're trip is the best it can be while you're away. And this includes getting your home in order so you can return free of stress.

But if you aren't sure where to start, here's a little motivation of what you want to avoid, and what to add to that all-important to-do list, inspired by findings from a new study of 2,000 adults.

Why prep is important before a holiday

While packing might feel a little more urgent (and exciting), it's easy to skimp on house admin before a holiday. But it's worth splitting your time between the two to save on hassle later.

Unfortunately, 19% of us have come home to find something has gone wrong while we're away, with burst pipes (54%), defrosted freezers (41%), and mouldy food in the fridge (27%) considered the worst mishaps to return to.

Despite this, emptying the fridge, taking out the bins and topping up the energy meter are among the things we're most likely to forget before going away.

But, do you really want to take your chances with coming home to mouldy food or an ant infestation after a sunny week in Spain?

Mouldy food and dirty dishes
Save yourself coming back to dirty dishes and mouldy food. (Getty Images)

How to prep your home before a holiday

Organised travellers spend an average of three hours prepping their home before they plan to leave, to prevent any issues cropping up while they're gone.

In fact, as many as 67% have a regimented routine around the house ahead of a holiday, the research commissioned by Smart Energy GB finds. So, if you're usually a little more slap-dash, it might be worth following suit.

Preparations – including watering the plants, clearing the fridge and changing the bedsheets – typically begin an average of four days before the departure date. But you only need to do small bits here and there.

Making sure all the windows are closed is considered the top priority before jetting off, followed closely by emptying the bins and doing the washing up – so add these key reminders to your list if you haven't already.

Switching off the lights, turning down the heating and making sure all appliances are off at the wall also deserve a place on the list, based on travellers' priorities. It goes without saying that you might want to gather your passport and any important documents ahead of time, though this is only considered the sixth most important reminder...

And for those who have a prepay energy meter, you'll want to top it up so you don't run out of credit while you're away, or use a smart prepay meter to sort it online while on the way to the airport.

So, whether you've been reminded of some useful tips, or haven't considered any of this before now, you can now enjoy your holiday in peace – when you've ticked off the to-do list, that is.

People getting ready for holidays travel trip concept. Single traveller man walking carry a luggage begin a journey. Men wear casual cloth and sneakers. Background in living room at home or hotel.
Leave for your holiday knowing you can return stress-free. (Getty Images)

Top 10 things travellers do to prep before a holiday

  1. Make sure all windows are closed

  2. Empty the household bins

  3. Do any washing up

  4. Make sure all lights are turned off

  5. Turn down/off the heating

  6. Gather important documents like passports in one place

  7. Switch off appliances at the wall

  8. Water the plants

  9. Clear the fridge out

  10. Do the laundry

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