Tina Hobley and Rory Bremner back innovative charity campaign

Actress Tina Hobley and comedian Rory Bremner are just some of the stars backing an innovative new charity campaign aiming to raise £100m for charity over five years. For Good Causes' RECYCLE MY REWARDS is a new initiative attempting to transform the way people and retailers can donate to charity. Also supported by Bryony Gordon and Mika Simmons, the campaign asks loyalty point holders to donate directly to UK charities, and ultimately making an immense difference to lives of people in need.

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With 94% of consumers owning at least one loyalty card and more than half of us having points expired, consumers are increasingly upset and even outraged. Unsurprising, a recent survey revealed 75% of consumers love or like the idea of donating unused points, with 66% confirming they would participate if they could donate to a charity of their choice, increasing to 77% of millennials. There are currently more than 7 billion pounds worth of unused points, miles and cashback in the UK, according to For Good Causes, with recent research showing that 53% have experienced their points expiring before they had a chance to redeem them.

"Like most great ideas, you wonder why no-one thought of this before," said Rory Bremner. "A brilliant new source of vital funds, already raised and just waiting to be claimed. Win-win!" Tina Hobley added: "Bloody brilliant idea. I was devastated to learn loyalty points expire, what a waste! Let’s put them to a good cause!" Actress and Lady Garden Foundation founder Mika Simmons, who is backing the campaign said: "The charity sector is inundated and the pressure to raise funds for causes we believe in is often off putting, highly competitive and frequently stressful for both those doing the fundraising and those trying to decide who to give to. I've been asked to support a lot of charitable endeavours since I founded Lady Garden and when I heard about For Good Causes' initiative it blew my mind. If the retailers and general public get behind this it will could dramatically change the landscape of charitable giving."

For Good Causes is working with retailers to enable their customers to donate their unused points to the UK registered charity of choice. For more information, visit the charity website.