TikTok baker designs incredible sourdough bread loaves: 'I love crying over bread'

TikToker and baker extraordinaire Dayna, aka Cottage Loaves (@cottageloaves), creates the most gorgeous sourdough bread art, and viewers can’t get enough!

Taking a long flight home for the holidays? Here are some hacks to make your journey bearable.

From romantic scones to kitschy peanut butter and jelly, TikTok is no stranger to beautiful bread recipes. So it’s no surprise that sourdough bread is taking part in the aesthetic adventure. Dayna is a sourdough artist who posts charming clips of her stunning creations.

Dayna’s body of work features an impressive range of styles. This holiday teddy bear sourdough, complete with a red ribbon around its neck and a candy cane in its paw, is one of her more precious designs. The clip begins with a shot of the teddy bear’s frame made from several round lumps of dough.

Dayna playfully tickles the bear’s armpits before patting it on the tummy. Next, she gingerly attaches two balls of dough to the bottom, forming the bear’s feet. She then paints the bear’s paws using black food powder before adding a sprinkle of cocoa powder, ginger and cinnamon.

This simple pastry dish will be your go-to all holiday season:

Then she creates the bear’s adorable snout by sprinkling rice powder over a stencil and painting its nose, mouth and eyes with black food powder. Dayna uses a toothpick to carve a cute little belly button before scoring its ears and top paws, and baking.

The bread artist’s romantic side presents itself with this fairy mushroom cottage design. She begins by arranging a cluster of edible flowers at the bottom of the round loaf and then placing a few herb stems on each side of the flower bed to frame the toadstool cottage.

Next, she paints the cottage using food powder before scoring the circumference of the loaf with a pair of scissors, creating a lovely scalloped edge.

Sharing the love

Viewers understandably enjoyed the sourdough artist’s work, and many felt the “knead” to share some love in the comments.

“I love crying over bread,” one user joked.

“I love your page! I always get excited for the results,” gushed another viewer.

From a spooky Jack Skellington to a vibrant Pride month-inspired flower collage, the finished design of each loaf seems complicated to make. Still, Dayna’s steady hand and clever skewer maneuvering make it look easy.

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