This TikTok account creates real-life Disney princess dresses

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: TikTok;@_valentinemoon_
Photo credit: TikTok;@_valentinemoon_

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One of our favourite things about TikTok is how it introduces us to content we never really knew we needed. From this oddly satisfying twisted candle tutorial and genius garlic cooking hack to the #relatable Bridgerton Challenge, there's never a dull day in the land of TikTok. Our latest discovery? A costume designer that recreates Disney princess dresses - um, amazing.

Rosie Somerville (@_valentinemoon_) describes herself as both a "Disney lover" and "Ravenclaw/Slytherin" so she's already a woman after our own hearts. She's also super talented, with over 328k followers, transforming some of the most memorable style moments from your childhood into real-life 'fits. Rosie documents the process of creating each look from start to finish, making for some truly addictive watching. Think: Project Runway-meet-Disney goodness - need we say more?

Check out her take on Belle's iconic marigold ballgown from Beauty and the Beast:

Here's the final product:

One word: WHOA.

She even made a 'Christmas Belle' look, which is the most wholesome winter aesthetic we've ever seen:

How about Aurora from Sleeping Beauty?

Et voila!

Rosie's even gone and tried her hand at a Bridgerton-inspired dress and of course she totally nailed it:

When costume parties resume, this is gonna be THE mood.

For her next project, Rosie is asking followers to choose between Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Hermione's Yule Ball look from Harry Potter (to name a few). And yep, you bet your bottom dollar we're voting.

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