This Photo Of A Working Mum Is All Kinds Of Impressive

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[Photo: Facebook/Robin Schoenthaler]

Being a working mum involves juggling a crazy number of responsibilities, but Dr Megan Meier, a sports and dance medicine physician based in Oklahoma City, does this on a whole other level.

In a photo recently shared on Facebook, Meier is getting on with what her career requires of her - providing volunteer medical support at games for local high school and university football teams.

But she’s eight months pregnant, and has her first child - who’s three years old - strapped to her back too.

Meier originally had a shift scheduled in as a team physician for the Putnam City North High School football team’s first game of the season.

But - as tends to happen at the worst possible times - her babysitter cancelled, and her husband was out of town.

Regardless, she wasn’t willing to let the team down, so she strapped her daughter onto her back and headed to the game.

Her friend Joseph Hoskins snapped a photo of her on duty, and soon, her friend Robin Schoenthaler shared it on Facebook, writing:

“This is my favorite [sic] picture of the year so far. This is a woman who is a sports medicine doc and a team physician for most of the year.

“She is 34 weeks pregnant, her husband is out of town, her child care for her three-year old fell through, and she had a game to work. So she’s doing it.”

“I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE women docs. I am so thrilled so many of these kick-ass women have joined the field,” Schoenthaler added.

The post has since been shared more than 7,000 times, and many are hailing Meier as a super mum.

One person commented on the post: “What a mom will do for her kids and everybody else’s sometimes staggers the mind. It trumps everything.”


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