Photographer Captures Mum One Hour After Giving Birth, Immortalises The Beauty Of Motherhood


[Photo: Instagram/Melissa Jean]

This mum may have given birth just an hour ago in this photo, but this is exactly what’s made it spread across the internet like wildfire.

Melissa Jean, a photographer based in Australia, took this post-birth photo of Alyce in just a bra and nappy - with her robe proudly open - capturing the beauty of new motherhood in the process.

Jean posted the image on her Instagram along with the words: “One hour after giving birth… looks stunning… in a nappy #womenareamazing #thatisall”.

Alyce looks amazing indeed, totally rocking it in the image - nappy and all.

For Jean, the photo was particularly special as Alyce is a friend of hers:

“I met Alyce when she employed me to capture her journey into motherhood - and we’ve been friends ever since,” Jean told Yahoo Style UK.

She says what makes the photo so special is how “raw” and “real” it is, and that she found taking it “natural”:

“I was a wedding photographer for a decade, so it’s natural for me to simply capture what I see,” she explains.

And mums who spotted it on Instagram also expressed a similar love for the image.

One said: “Haha [sic] this is the best. What a beautiful Queen”, while another said it was a “truly stunning” picture.

One commenter was seriously impressed with Alyce’s energy in the image: “Beautiful, powerful, amazing momma! How are you smiling and posing like that an hour after giving birth? I was waddling and weepy after haha!”

Check out Melissa Jean’s Instagram here.

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