This Is Not A Drill: The World Is Running Out Of Coffee


According to a new report coffee could be extinct by 2080 [Photo: via Pexels]

Struggle to even open your eyes without a coffee hit? Yeah, you might want to listen to this because a new report suggests that the world’s coffee is running out. Seriously.

The Climate Institute predicts that if global warming continues at its current rate, the amount of useable coffee farmland will have halved by 2050. Throw in fungi and pests like the Coffee Berry Borer (whose numbers are expected to ‘explode’) and coffee could actually be extinct by 2080. Yikes!

That means you can kiss goodbye to your morning macchiato and your 4 O Clock flop Frappuccino, and your lunchtime latte? Forget about it.

But don’t be feeling too smug coffee-phobes because the extinction of the coffee plant won’t just affect coffee lovers, but impact on the lives of approximately 120 million people who rely on the coffee industry for work.


However will we function without coffee? [Photo: via Pexels]

And if you’re currently thinking 2080 is AGES away, consider the fact that rising temperatures could affect the quality of our coffee even before we lose it forever. So we could soon be noticing a difference in the taste and smell of our flat whites. Oh and it will become more expensive too, as it becomes more difficult to produce.

On the upside hopefully the threat of losing our beloved hot drink might make everyone take global warming more seriously.

In the mean time all this coffee talk is making us crave a caramel macchiato. If anyone needs us we’ll be in Starbucks.

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