This is how much more time it takes being a woman


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It’s a joke that’s been told so many times that ‘beating a dead horse’ would be an understatement; that women take longer than men to get ready.

From scenes in rom coms to yawn-worthy adverts, the common scenario played out is of a man waiting by the front door to leave as the woman shouts “just a minute!” from her bedroom.

What’s annoying about it isn’t that the stereotype isn’t true - it often is - but that they ignore the fact that women often take longer just because we feel pressured to do a long list of things before we’re considered presentable.


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So over at Glamour, they made a video comparing every little aspect of a woman and man’s routine, and added up how much more time women spend on such tasks in comparison to men a year.

This included everything from shampooing to shaving, counting every minute of difference between them.

Shampooing took three minutes for a woman, for example, and two minutes for a man.

And while some differences were just that - a few minutes - these definitely added to the total number.


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The biggest difference was, predictably, a woman’s hair and make up routine - which according to the video takes women 39 minutes a day on average.

It also counted up some of those other things that take much more time simply because you’re a woman, such as a ten minute wait for a bathroom queue.

And the grand total? 237 hours a year. That’s almost ten days.

Although the video doesn’t take into account that lots of women don’t have routines like this - not every woman gets a regular pedicure, after all - loads of us can relate.

Watch the full video here.

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