Dad braids little girl’s hair using hoovers, video goes viral


A while ago you might have stumbled across a video in which a dad uses a hoover to give his daughter the perfect ponytail.

And now another dad, David Freiheit, has taken this concept one step further by braiding his daughter’s friend’s hair using three vacuums.

“Today we are going to be braiding a child’s hair in a manner that has never been done before in the history of human kind,” he says in the video.

He then turns on all three hoovers, and gets to work.

“Everyone knows that a good braid requires three separate sections of hair,” he explains, dividing the hair into three sections.

Then he lets the hoover suck up each section, plaits the hair with the hoses, then sucks all the hair into the centre hose before sliding the hair tie up the tube and onto the bottom of the hair, securing it.

And, surprisingly, the result wasn’t a total mess.


“Sure it’s harder than doing it by hand, the braid is nowhere near as tight, and the hygiene is questionable,” says Freiheit.

But he still seems chuffed enough with himself for it to be worth it - even with the power cut right at the end.

Can’t say we’ll be all integrating this into our getting-the-kids-ready routines, but we appreciate the creativity.

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