The Definitive Guide To How Often We Should Wash Our Clothes


It’s perfectly acceptable to let the laundry basket practically spill over before shoving it in the washing machine, right? Wrong. And wearing the same bra all week is fine, isn’t it? Nope.

Science has spoken and it turns out we all should be doing our laundry a lot more than every Sunday afternoon. Darn.

The Real Simple Guide To Real Life has revealed exactly how often items in our wardrobes need washing - and it might make you cry.

According to the guide, bras should be washed every three to four wears, and it’s not the only item that doesn’t last a full week. Pyjamas can only last up to four nights, which is highly unpractical when there are seven days in a week.


So how about the items that we’re more likely to sweat all over or dribble our toothpaste down? T-shirts should be washed after every wear (yes, even if you thought you stayed perfectly fresh all day long) and the same goes for tights. Which makes a bit more sense as they can get really gross when you’re feet have been in leather boots all day.

Thankfully, there are a few saving graces. Your trusty favourite pair of jeans can be worn five time before hitting the washer and your winter jumpers last a full seven days. Surprisingly, leggings and yoga trousers last a solid three wears and presumably a fair deal of perspiration was taken into account when coming to this conclusion.

Hmm, we’re not sure if we will now do more laundry or buy more clothes. Probably be doing the latter.

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